Common Sense Carry of Your Firearm in a Vehicle

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June 27, 2017
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June 29, 2017

When an officer stops you for whatever reason

1) comply with the officers requests politely and without hesitation.
2) inform the officer you have a firearm.
3) keep both hands in plain sight and make no sudden or threatening moves.
4) only move your hands when instructed by the officer.

A big part of the responsibility of owning and carrying a firearm is common sense.

Common sense tells us that if an officer tells you to not reach for your weapon and you continue to do so then you will most likely be shot. The officer must consider your actions as hostile if you do not comply and are reaching for a weapon.

I have been stopped several times and told officers i had a firearm. Because i complied with the officer exactly and politely it was easy and non confrontational. Usually ended with a conversation about my pistol or ammo etc.

Very very few officers are looking for a confrontation. They want to do their job and go home to see their families just as you do.

If you are not legally allowed to possess a firearm such as a felon then the officer has no choice but to assume you are up to no good. One you are a convicted criminal and two just by possessing a firearm you are in the commission of a crime.

Too often people are shot for not complying or doing something dumb while in possession of a firearm.

If you are too stupid to handle the situations which arise while carrying then you in no way need to be carrying.

If you over react or totally react incorrect to a simple traffic stop then how can you expect to react properly or intelligently to a situation where drawing your gun is necessary ?

All too often people have a false sense of what they have the “right” to do and say. While they may or may not have the right to do or say something it does little good if by your actions you cause your own death or that of those with you not to mention destroying the life of the officer.

Owning a firearm is far more than shooting up the range and busting bucks with your buddies. Responsible ownership and carrying of a firearm is a life long commitment and a promise to continued training and safe handling. If you can not uphold these things then maybe golf is more suited to you and maybe you should protect your home with a putter instead of a 357.

Story by Jeff Stewart


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