Line Cutterz Sparks a Fishing Revolution

One of the smallest but most innovative products to enter the fishing industry realm recently is Line Cutterz.

The creator of this product, Vance Zahorski, started with the concept of a ring fishermen would wear that would have a cutting blade on both sides of the outer edges of the ring, making it a safe and easy alternative to fumbling with scissors, clippers or knives while fishing.

This is especially useful when you need to cut a fishing line on the fly. Let’s face it, we all have instances when a product like this would come in handy. 

This product was so innovative, it even got Vance a spot on the hit ABC TV show Shark Tank after a series of auditions. In his initial pitch on the TV show panel, Vance told the story of how he was in a tight spot after catching a shark on the shore at a friend’s wedding but not having a way to cut the line and release the fish.

After taking this idea to the TV audience, Vance was awarded a $120,000 of investment money to seed his company’s start in trade for 33% ownership in his company.

The Line Cutterz ring has made cutting fishing line on the fly a breeze. This product doesn’t just have to stay on your finger either. Some adaptations anglers have thought of is to put Line Cutterz on to base of a rod, the bottom, side or top rail of a boat or even on a kayak seat. The options are endless with a product this compact. The convenience factor of having a tool like this with you while you are fishing is amazing.

Vance left his high-income sales job with an appliance company and even sold his boat and the dream home he lived in to pursue this dream. Zahorski made many sacrifices in launching Line Cutterz including moving into his parent’s home along with his wife and children. He even enlisted high school friends to help him fill orders, especially after the Shark Tank episode aired and his business started to take off.

Like many entrepreneurs, he came up with a prototype from humble beginnings, making it from welding putty and a dental floss cutter. Who would have known that a few years later he would have the finished product in hundreds of fishing tackle and big box retail stores as well as eight different countries?

This dream of a convenient tool for fishermen has been a booming success and, at a retail price of $12 a ring, who wouldn’t want one? Line Cutterz also works for cutting thread and yarn which has made it a hit has sewing and quilting retail outlets in addition to the fishing world. What’s more is that this product has a patent on design and utility and even works well with braided fishing lines.

This company has grown leaps and bounds from an idea and a dream into reality and is a great example of the “American dream” coming true. Learn more about this company at www.linecutterz.com.

—by Dustin vaughn warncke

The Correct Trailer for Any Boat

“You can’t just take any boat trailer and put any boat on it. We specifically customize trailers to specific boats,” says David Bice, who builds and designs the boat trailers at Lagoon Custom Trailers, 80 Conejo, Port O’ Connor, TX.

Lagoon Custom Trailers works with boat dealers or directly with boat buyers. The first step is learning the specs of the boat: the width, the length, whether it’s a flat bottom, a modified V, an offshore boat, or whatever the design.

“We build the trailer to those specifications. If we need to, we will set the boat actually on the trailer to measure, make sure, everything is exactly where it needs to be,” said Bice.

If the trailer isn’t correct for the boat, if the bunks aren’t set right or set too low, the keel can hit the cross members, maybe punch a hole in the keel. Or the boat can sit crooked on the trailer producing extra stress on the hull.

“We strive to make sure the boat sits on the trailer exactly like it should,” Bice said. “Before the bunk brackets are welded on the trailer, we block the boat on the trailer, set the height where the boat needs to sit.

“Next comes construction of the trailer parts, and then putting everything together. “We make the bunk brackets, weld them into place, put the bunk boards and fender boards on, and then set the boat back on the trailer to verify again that everything is where it needs to be.”

Bice says he gives the customer a top quality trailer at a reasonable price. Lagoon Custom Trailers is located at 80 Conejo, Port O’Connor, TX 77982. Bice can be reached at 361-492-0985, or at dlbice74@gmail.com.


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