Results for 4th Annual Ohmstede Saltwater Showdown

Last week’s 4th Annual Ohmstede Saltwater Showdown raised $28,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The event saw anglers facing rough conditions on Galveston Bay to bring back some impressive catches of redfish and speckled trout to the weigh in site at the Topwater Grill in San Leon.

Here are the winners.

First Place (Team Finish Pro): 29lb 2oz
Brett Hanks
Chase Raska
Jake Rangnow
Peyton Arrison

Second Place (DISA Louisiana): 24lb 12oz
Colin Woods
John Peterson
Sean O’Donnel
Chad Wright

3rd Place (Sprint Safety): 24lb 5oz
Gus Morales
Johnny Merkel
Shaun Stickler
Stacey Rayburn

Big Trout: Brock Sanders (6lb 12oz)

Big Red: Dustin Berry (8lb 8oz)

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