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COAST Introduces Brand New Rechargeable Flashlights and Pocket Knife

COAST recently unveiled some new products for consumers for the Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City, Utah. We wanted to bring you three new products that might be of interest in your further outdoor pursuits. Thanks for being apart of the Texas Outdoor Nation!

The new POLYSTEEL 600R showcases COAST Products reputation for delivering innovative, high-quality flashlights. With its brilliant beam and rugged design, this rechargeable flashlight is equipped with an array of features. Incredibly bright – up to 710 lumens – it’s also waterproof and nearly indestructible. The light’s unique design uses a stainless-steel core to ensure maximum strength. It is then covered with a very strong, easy to grip polymer body. It is built to perform dependably in the most demanding environments, perfect for indoor and outdoor projects where durability and reliability are must-have features.

This Virtually Unbreakable Light is Perfect for Any Project or Environment

Projecting a beam up to 810 feet, this remarkable flashlight also features COAST’s patented Pure Beam Optics System – with advanced, proprietary technology that produces a pure, bright consistency across the entire beam; whether it is in Bulls-Eye Spot mode or Ultra View Flood Beam mode.

The POLYSTEEL 600R is equipped with COAST’s easy-to-use Twist Focus and boasts three levels of light output. With the company’s brand new, state-of-the-art production process, combined with the latest high-performance technology and innovation, COAST has taken its exceptional quality and durability standards to a higher level. Virtually indestructible, the POLYSTEEL 600R is waterproof, crush proof and drop proof. It has a waterproof rating of IPX8 at three meters and has an impact resistant rating of two meters. It is designed to withstand daily use in even the toughest environments, whether camping or enjoying extreme outside adventures– making it the perfect light for any outdoor enthusiast. Engineered for lasting quality, with a stainless-steel core wrapped in molded polymer, it’s even available in five colors.

Compact and Versatile Design Ideal for Outdoor Adventures

Precision-engineered, COAST’s all-new FX200 pocket knife provides everyone with an easy-to-carry, ingenious tool that is handy for a variety of everyday tasks. Equipped with two useful tools – a bottle opener and a money clip, this top-quality 2-inch blade, combined with COAST’s quality craftsmanship, is a valuable tool for work or pleasure. Comfortable to carry every day, it’s very well made and very handy, but light as a feather.

For campsites, climbing treks, backpacking expeditions or any other outdoor experience, the COAST FX200 delivers a lot of versatility for a lightweight, inexpensive pocket knife. The sturdy pocket clip is designed to double as a money clip. With its compact size, it fits conveniently in a backpack or outdoor gear. But don’t be misled by its compact size – the premium-quality, stainless-steel blade effectively cuts through materials and its heavy-duty, frame-lock mechanism keeps the knife secure in use. It has a comfortable nylon handle, a large thumb hole for easy opening and a grooved thumb rest. The open frame design makes cleaning the knife easy.

Optimized Flexibility Shines Brightly for a Variety of Outdoor Projects

Through relentless ingenuity, COAST’s LED flashlights continue to impress adventure seekers, whether on the trail, at the campsite or during any recreational activity. The new COAST PX1R is the latest example of the company’s precision engineering and intuitive know-how – producing industry-leading, highly useful, flexible and powerful lights. Adding a rechargeable feature to the popular PX1 model, the all-new PX1R works with either lithium or alkaline batteries.

With COAST’s unique Flex Charge Dual Power system, the PX1R can operate on either rechargeable lithium or alkaline power. This maximizes the light’s usefulness and flexibility in all environments and temperatures. Plus, this ingenious light also uses a micro USB which can be inserted directly into the battery, so you can easily recharge the battery outside of the light. The sleek design features a tail cap that pops up to reveal a micro USB port for charging the battery inside the unit.

Equipped with COAST’s Pure Beam Focusing Optic and easy-to-use Twist Focus, the light seamlessly transitions from a crystal-clear flood beam to a spot mode with a transition halo that clearly lights up a large viewing area surrounding the tight spot beam. You can see this in operation here. Controllable with a simple twist, this rechargeable light shines at distances over 500 feet and delivers up to 460 lumens of brightness, ideal for nights around camp, treks in low visibility conditions or dark and remote locations.

While in flood mode, the PX1R casts a wide circle of light that shines consistently through the area, without any dark spots. With just a twist, the light can be in spot mode. When navigating through caverns or hiking through darkened trails, the flashlight will project far downrange.

For the ultimate in versatility, the PX1R has a reversible clip to either secure it in your pocket or attach it to the bill of your hat. There are high and low power modes allowing you to choose maximum brightness or to conserve battery life. Users can select from five colors that will match their style, mood or simply the time of day. This light is available in black, blue, green, orange and red.

“With its multiple recharging capabilities, our new PX1R gives adventure seekers light when and where they need it,” remarked COAST President David Brands. “This all-new light provides exceptional beam clarity, run time and power. Coupled with its ability to recharge using the included lithium battery pack or AAA batteries, the PX1R is an essential, clear, bright light for outdoor enthusiasts’ pursuits everywhere. Whether in flood or spot mode, for indoor or outdoor use, this light is the smart choice for a variety of projects.”

For information about these or any other COAST Products, please visit: www.coastportland.com

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