Concealed Carry – In the Restroom

If you are a law abiding citizen that carries a concealed weapon, you have ran across the issue of what to do with your CCW while you are using the restroom.  I know to some people this may sound like the stupidest thing you have ever heard.  BUT, I have seen and heard weapons hit the floor in restrooms on several occasions.

It doesn’t matter if you appendix carry, strong side, 4:30 or cross draw, you will all need to use the restroom and will need some plan of action for what to do with your CCW.

If you are seated in the restroom will your CCW fall with your belt, remain on your person somehow or placed on the back of the toilet?  These are very real situations that we all have faced and had to deal with.

In today’s culture we are all in a rush and placing your CCW on the floor or top of the toilet is a very real and dangerous proposition.

If you can look under a stall and see the shoes of the person next to you, then keep in mind they can see yours.  So placing your CCW in your pants or shorts that are down is not the most tactical plan.

The person next to you could snatch your gun, literally with your pants down.

I never want to advise you to separate yourself from your weapon, so I will give you some tips to reduce the risks associated with leaving your weapon behind.

  1. Keep your weapon off the floor- I don’t care how you carry, don’t let your CCW hit the floor. If you appendix carry and your holster is attached to your belt, you may have to slightly turn your pants counter clockwise to keep your weapon on your belt and off of the floor.
  2. If you set it, you may forget it- I have been harping on not removing the firearm from your person for this very reason. If you get a text or important call, you may very well rush and leave your weapon. Don’t set your CCW on the back of the toilet or hand rails.
  3. Leave it holstered- The more you remove your CCW from your holster, the more chances you have of an accidental discharge. I know you are a tactical operator and this would never happen….RIGHT!?!?! BUT it does, try and keep your weapon safely holstered while you are removing your lower clothing.  It is just one less moving part to fail.
  4. Not looking for a threat- I am not saying you may not encounter a threat while on the toilet. But I am rather stating that you need to be vigilant about not forgetting your CCW or accidentally having it go off while you are in the John. I am not sitting on the toilet with my Glock at the low ready, but rather with it within my clothes where I can pull up my pants and still retain control of my weapon.

Look, I know this is not the sexiest of all gun topics.  BUT read and understand what I am telling you.  How would you feel to get home and realize you forgot your gun in a bathroom??  Have you ever lost your wallet or truck keys? YUP…Guilty as charged….so don’t think you are immune from leaving your gun somewhere.

Be proactive and get you a system on what to do when life calls for #2!!

Fortuna Paratus Remunerat- Fortune Favors the Prepared

Story by Shane Smith

TF&G Staff:
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