Safety On – a Firearm Safety Children’s Book

Teaching our children about firearm safety should always be a top priority in the home. 

Even if you don’t own firearms it’s still important to teach younger children about safety for when they do get to experience shooting sports when they are older.  For those of us who already shoot it’s easier to introduce them to guns.  Since they could barely talk I would consistently ask my toddlers “What do you do about daddy’s guns?”  The answer they would always give was “Don’t touch!” 

And of course as my children grew older I would satisfy their curiosity by allowing them to handle the firearms in a safe manner and eventually introduce them to shooting as well.  My 3 and 5-year-old daughters aren’t ready to visit the range quite yet, however they love helping me reload cartridges, magazines and ammo boxes at home.

Dustin’s 5 year old loading magazines

Yet for many you might not be to that point of an armed citizen lifestyle and need a little help in introducing your youngsters to gun safety.  That is the place that author Yehuda Remer found himself in and his solution to that problem was writing a children’s book titled Safety On – an introduction to the world of firearms for children. 

Safety On is written just as a children’s book, but without any sing-song rhyming.  It covers all the rules of firearms safety such as keeping guns unloaded, pointing in a safe direction, keeping your finger off the trigger and knowing your target.  And it also goes into the more important rules for young children that recites the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program of – stop, don’t touch, leave the area, and find an adult. 

Mr. Remer also introduces to children some reasons for gun ownership such as recreation, protection and it’s a basic human right. 

Safety On is a great way to introduce young children to firearm safety and your kids might even find it’s one of their favorites with the sleek gun illustrations.  The e-book is only $4.95 on Amazon and you can purchase the print version via Amazon Prime for only $14.95 here: http://a.co/6YGNBT0

Story by Dustin Ellermann