Sight-in Your Rifle With Only 3 Rounds

Zeroing your rifle can be an intimidating task for a beginner shooter.  However by using this technique it can be as simple as firing three shots.

To simplify this process you will need a solid shooting rest, a way to bore sight, and even better a partner to aid in adjustments.

Usually a beginner shooter will follow the optic’s instructions by adjusting the turrets from point of impact to point of aim.  However this can be prone to error by optics with different adjustment values or cheaper optics that might not be true to their clicks.

As the video from Meopta explains, the first step is to bore sight your optic.  This is something I’ve personally gotten quite well at over the years.  I sight in over a dozen rifles a year and by simply looking down the bore of the rifle and I’ve never had trouble getting within 6” of the bullseye with my first round fired.  I recommend putting the rifle on a solid rest, looking down the perfect center of the bore, and adjust the crosshairs to match.

After this step, aim for the dead center of the target so you have the most area to find your shot then fire one round. From this point, you’ll need to re-center your reticle back on the center bullseye and stabilize the rifle as securely as possible.  Here is when a helping hand can be handy.  Hold the rifle dead center of your original point of aim and then adjust your scope’s reticle to be over the first round point of impact.  If you allow your rifle to move at all at during this adjustment you will have to start all over again.

If you held the rifle perfectly still, your second shot should be exactly your point of aim.  Here you can make any fine adjustments and the third shot should be perfect.

Hopefully this saves you time and ammunition so you can train and play more.  Shoot straight!

Story by Dustin Ellermann