3 Wacky Fishing Boats that are Totally Cool

From tiny canoes to massive offshore convertibles, there are a million and one fishing boats out there. Some of them, however, break all of the molds. They fit into no categories. And they may leave you scratching your head, wondering who in the world ever thought up such a thing. Still, if they’re made for fishing, we’re interested. So let’s check out three wacky fishing boats that are totally cool.

Ultraskiff 360

The Ultraskiff 360 rounds out a day of fishing.

We spotted the Ultraskiff 360 in FishTalkMag’s Fishboat Reviews, and had no doubt this was a boat shallow water anglers would be interested in. Shaped like a saucer (but with a bow carved out into one section) the 360 is uber-stable and can be rolled on its side, literally, from the back of your pickup to the water’s edge. This shape also gives it incredible buoyancy, and with a 200 pound angler on board, drafts a measly three inches. It comes with built-in rodholders, elevated stowage compartments, a battery compartment, cup holders, cleats, and a tow ring. Price is $1,500. Check it out in detail, at Ultraskiff.

Sealegs 7.7m Sport D-Tube

Yes, the Sealegs is a fishing boat. Sort of.

Here we have the Sealegs 7.7m Sport D-Tube (the little “m” stands for meters because this boat is built in Auckland, New Zealand, one of those places that still hasn’t yet recognized the obvious superiority of sticking with good old ‘Merican feet and inches). And, the picture is truly worth a thousand words. This boat breaks a plane courtesy of a 200 horsepower outboard, but when the legs and wheels are hydraulically lowered, an on-board 22 HP engine takes over. Top-end on the water is 40 MPH and on land is 4.3 MPH. Fishing features include six rodholders, a cutting board, room for a 12-inch MFD at the helm, and T-top or Bimini top options. Just think, you’ll never need a boat ramp – or even a trailer – to get your boat into the water again. Check out Sealegs to learn more.

Gibbs Quadski

On land or at sea, the Quadski can take you to the fish.

What happens when a four-wheeler and a boat get together for a night of romance? The Gibbs Quadski is born. This modern marvel hits 45 MPH on both land and water, thanks to a 140 HP four-cylinder engine, four retractable wheels, and a jet drive. It may not exactly fish like a center console, but we absolutely, positively guarantee you’ll be the talk of the marina – whether you catch anything, or not. Check out Gibbs Amphibians to learn more.

Lenny Rudow:
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