Beckman is Back!

Beckman, one of the most trusted brands in the fishing tackle industry is back! In October of 2016 G. Pucci & Sons, owners of P-Line, acquired Beckman Net Company from PRADCO.  At the recent 2017 ICAST Show in Orlando, Beckman introduced a complete lineup of nets which range from small fixed handled nets, to larger nets with oversized hoops made with Y-Bar construction for maximum strength and durability, and a one piece aluminum yoke. 


The three fixed handled nets will handle most freshwater applications, and will double as a great option for speckled trout or any other inshore saltwater game fish which will fit into a smaller style hoop. These nets feature a 10 MM PVC black mesh with a flat bottom which is ideal for catch and release.  Another feature of this series is the EVA foam handles which make them extremely fishermen friendly while protecting your boat’s surface from exposed edges and screws.  These nets come with a green anodized hoop and a silver handle. 

The larger nets which feature the renowned Beckman Yoke, come in 6 different hoop sizes. Any Beckman net which features a yoke will be available with 4 different handle sizes, 4’, 6’ and two telescopic models which range from 4’-7’ and 6’-9’.  There are two different bag types on this family of nets, the first is coated polyester with a flat bottom, and the other option is the traditional nylon bags.   

G. Pucci & Sons is extremely excited about the Beckman acquisition and looks forward to expanding the line with a number of new nets and accessories in the near future. For more information call 800-537-2394 or visit beckmanfishingnets.com.

Trokar Assist Rigs

Eagle Claw, the U.S. manufacturer of premium quality fish hooks now offers its patented Lazer Sharp needlepoint and Trokar triple-sided Surgically Sharpened hooks in a rigged assist, featuring hand-tied and cemented heavy-duty Kevlar cord, with a red tubing wrap. Regarded as some of the ultimate saltwater competitive hooks on the market, both hooks feature a stronger, high carbon American-Made steel wire with a saltwater resistant finish to keep them fishing day after day without losing sharpness or suffering corrosion.

Trokar Rigged Assit


These assist hook rigs are designed to accommodate all variations of vertical jigging and provide an excellent alternative for trebles on many hard-bodied lures. The product includes two pairs of both solid and split ring components, allowing anglers to rig either a single or tandem assist, depending on the application. The final rig is compliant with IGFA rules addressing the use of assist hooks on lures; in particular with respect to the hook type and overall cord lengths required to ensure a safe hook-up.   

The cord is tied with Kevlar Assist line in 200lb (sizes 1/0, 3/0) and 300lb (sizes 5/0, 7/0) strengths.  Its then thread wrapped and cemented with a red shrink tubing overtop, creating a sleek and simply indestructible design.

The TK23 Assist Hook features Trokar’s faster, deeper, surer point penetration requiring half the pressure of the competition. Manufactured using cold forged high-carbon American-Made steel they offer better durability and stronger holds for hard fighting, big game species.  

The L2033 features the patented Lazer Sharp wire technology ensuring a sharper, stronger, longer hold than the leading competition. And, its unique point is grinded using Eagle Claw’s own needlepoint manufacturing technique, making them sharper than traditional forged points, leading to faster penetrating power and easier hook-ups.

Keep It Clean!

Now you can keep your fish mess contained. FilletMaker’s trademarked and patented fish cutting board is lightweight so it allows you to take it with you anywhere; from the boat to the icehouse to your house. This board has been endorsed by professional fishermen, pro-staff, and everyday anglers from around the country. 

FilletMaker cutting board

Features include: raised surface for clean cuts, ergonomic design, extra trough for catching waste and allows for ease in picking up, easy to clean, three color choices.

Made of FDA food grade approved material and top rack dishwasher safe.  You can also use it for cutting meats, vegetables, fruits, or as a serving tray. Cleaning fish and cleaning up has never been so easy!

Visit www.filletmaker.com or call 605-368-9872 for more information.

How the Stop It Was Born

George Koehl was standing in line at the Cabela’s checkout counter getting some last minute supplies for an elk hunt he was taking in Wyoming. 

He glanced over and saw the Yeti tumblers everybody had been telling him about and he figured he had put off trying one long enough. George hated lukewarm coffee – and he knew it was going to be bitter cold in Wyoming, so he grudgingly coughed up $40 and bought one for his trip. 

Well the first day in the mountains he made his coffee over the fire, poured the blazing hot coffee into his tumbler, and within 45 minutes it was lukewarm. Exasperated, he wondered what the heck the problem was. Then he saw it…steam was absolutely pouring through the drinking spout. 

After he got back home to Texas, he promptly spilled his coffee at church…then a few days later he took a turn in his truck and his tumbler fell out of the console and dumped all over the floor. 

Enough was enough. He called up an engineer friend and they set about making a spill proof solution. 

The Stop It was born.

Add this patent pending device to your Yeti tumbler and it prevents spills (seals drinking spout and air vent), keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold longer, holds your lid during refills, and even makes your tumbler float in the pool, lake, river, or ocean.

Stop It conveniently opens and closes with a quick flip of the hand. Yet, due to the perfect fit, the Stop It won’t accidentally pop out when you don’t want it to. 

Drop it, knock it over, or shake up your favorite cold drink mix. Your Stop It will stay in place until you are ready to open it to drink. 

No more spills. No more cold coffee. Just Stop It. Visit stopittop.com.

Armor Up Against Snakes

TurtleSkin SnakeGaiters have the protection you need when hiking or hunting through “Snake Country.” The Gaiters feature patented SnakeArmor material that is made from high performance ballistic textiles and offers the lightest snakebite protection on the market. The light and flexible design make SnakeGaiters a comfortable solution for those spending long hours outdoors. The durable SnakeArmor material has been tested on and successfully repelled a diamondback rattlesnake strike. The Gaiters also will provide protection to those that are walking through terrain with heavy brush or briars. Perfect for the avid and active outdoorsman.

Turtleskin SnakeGaiters

Another great feature about TurtleSkin SnakeGaiters is you can wear them all year round. They provide water and wind resistance making them a suitable hunting gear solution for all seasons. Since the Gaiters individually weigh less than 6 ounces they are not too hot or heavy in the summer months or warmer climates. With a built in YKK zipper on the back you can easily take the Gaiters on and off. SnakeGaiters are very convenient outdoor gear for a camping or hiking trip as they easily fold up and fit nicely into a small backpack.

SnakeGaiters are available in two sizes regular and husky. The built in elastic drawstring design allows men and women of all different builds to fit nicely into them. The Gaiters also feature a reversible design. They are available in Khaki/Khaki, Khaki/Camo, Khaki/Sage, and Sage/Sage for color combinations. SnakeGaiters are easy to take care of as they can be machine washed (mild detergent) and dried (cool tumble dry).

TurtleSkin also makes Chaps, Pants, and Dog Hunting Vests that feature SnakeArmor protective technology. All TurtleSkin SnakeArmor products are proudly made in the USA. To learn more about TurtleSkin SnakeArmor visit www.turtleskin.com or call 603-291-1023




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