Major damage to boating, fishing infrastructure at Rockport, Port Aransas, Aransas Pass, Port Lavaca

Due to the continued rain and flooding full details of damage sustained by the initial impact of Hurricane Harvey are sketchy but we have learned major damage was done to fishing and boating infrastructure form Port Lavaca to Port Aransas.

In a CNN story Rockpor Mayor Charles Wax was quoted as saying the storm lashed out “catastrophic” damage and “widespread damage”.

In a report from South Jetty, Port Aransas City Manager Dave Parsons said that town is “very smashed up”.

“Very large emergency response. Town is so smashed. Wires down everywhere.”

Here is what we know so far…

*Numerous storage facilities in Rockport, Aransas Pass and Port Aransas have been wrecked. Boats are displaced all over the area.

Photo courtesy Jami Holtz.

*In Port Aransas we can verify the marina between Trout Street and Virginia’s on the Bay had its pier destroyed, multiple boats displaced along with missing asphalt according to reports.

*In Port Lavaca the Port Lavaca Fishing Pier has been destroyed.

*Officials with the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge posted the following,”Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. All refuge staff are safe, and we will be sending in a team as soon as possible to assess damage and get back to work protecting the refuge we all love. We will post updates when we can. Until further notice, the refuge is still closed.”

*The University of Texas Marine Science Institute released this following statement. “UTMSI family and friends – We know that you scared and worried. We don’t know very much yet. We are currently surveying the damage. Port Aransas is too dangerous to enter. We are taking all the necessary precautions and will let you know more as soon as we can.”

*Dolphin Docks in Port Aransas is reportedly destroyed-at least the docks and offices. In a Facebook posts the facility said,”The boats are fine and did get away from the storm. We will know more as they start to let us in.”

*Near Deep Sea Headquarters said their vessels are safe and that aerial photos hint at minimal damage but they won’t be sure until they are allowed back in to access damage

*TFG contributor Aubrey Black reported that Tackle Town in Rockport survived, “The T blew off their sign but that is the only apparent damage.”

We’ll have more as we learn more. Keep up with our reports here at fishgame.com.

Chester Moore, Jr.


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