Make any semi auto firearm fire like a full auto (Autoglove)


9/16/2017, we received some disappointing news from the ATF. The ATF tested the AutoGlove and responded with an unfavorable determination. The bottom line is, the ATF determined the AutoGlove may not be used or possessed by individuals and for this reason, we are in the process of issuing 100% refunds to every person that ordered an AutoGlove. Refunds will be mailed to each customers shipping address on 9/18/2017 through 9/20/2017 (please allow 3-4 days to receive payment), or a credit card charge reversal will be used if the order was completed within the last couple weeks. (http://www.autogloveusa.com/index.html)

Want to pretend you have a full-auto rifle but you don’t have the $20,000 to buy a pre-86 sample or install a “bump fire” stock?

The makers of Autoglove are hoping you’ll throw $350 their way for their invention.

The Autoglove is described as a “trigger actuation device” and is a motor activated cam mounted to a glove that the user inserts into the trigger guard and then activates with a button that looks as if is depressed by pressing the index finger to the side of the rifle.  The Autoglove is available in several configurations and rates of fire from simulated 3 round burst to full-auto.

We are all familiar with bump fire stocks that legally simulate full auto rates of fire out of a semi automatic action.  But this Autoglove seems to push the envelope to a really grey area.  Using an electronic motor to activate the trigger of your firearm has been ruled illegal in the past when mounted directly to your firearm.

The actuating cam inserted inside a trigger guard.

However firearms such as Gatling guns and even devices such as the “Gat Crank” are legal because they require the user to keep making motions.  But if you attach an electric drill to a “Gat Crank” device it’s instantly an illegal machine gun.  This is new territory and it will be interesting to see the final verdict.

We don’t yet have an official verdict on if the ATF is going to “allow” this invention to see the light of day without confiscating Auto Glove’s customer lists and raiding houses.  So I would surely tread lightly if interested in using this device.  I also have some safety concerns as well since you are shoving a device into a trigger guard the user needs to be very safety conscious.  It also seems that this might not be to reliable since the manufacture also recommends having a 3 pound trigger in order to use this.  To find out more the website is www.autogloveusa.com

Dustin Ellermann

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