See 10 TX trout 30 inches or more and where they were caught (photos)

A 30 inch speckled trout is the most sought after trophy fish on the Texas Gulf Coast.

A truly rare and wary creature, anglers prize these catches with the vast majority choosing the conservation ethic of catch, photo and release. We solicited photos of the biggest trout in Texas waters and here is what we got along with the bay systems they were caught in.

Ready to plan a trophy trout fishing trip? After seeing these photos you will be.

Capt. Aubrey Black with a 32 inch Baffin Bay speck caught April 2014













Wiley Crowson caught this 31 inch, 10-pound monster in Alazon Bay.











Tim Bradbeer caught and released this 31-inch East Matagorda giant and got a replica done to celebrate the catch.









Capt. Jim West says this wasn’t his biggest but Not my biggest but it is a true 30-incher and weighed over nine pounds. It was caught in East Galveston Bay.













Here’s a 31-incher out of Baffin Bay caught by Britani Lolley.











Bill Blodgett of Majesty Outdoors caught this 33.25-incher-a true giant in Upper Laguna Madre.











Michael Eldridge holds a 30-inch Upper Laguna Madre monster.









Benito Perez caught this 30-incher out of Aransas Pass fishing behind Steadmans Reef.











Here is a 32 inch trout going to the scale in Port Mansfield. It missed the STAR by a fraction of a fraction.











Kevin Lively caught this 31 incher in West Galveston Bay.














Texas Fish & Game is increasing its coverage of the pursuit of big speckled trout. Send us photos of your 30 plus inchers and we might use them in our next week’s story  on trophy trout in Texas waters. E-mail to cmoore@fishgame.com. Put your name, size of trout (length plus weight if you have it) and bay system or area it was caught in.

There are few things more exciting than catching a monster trout and we want to celebrate it here at fishgame.com.

Chester Moore, Jr.

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