Chinese William Tell Training (Video)

In the United States, we really try to keep safety as a top priority in the shooting sports.  If you haven’t been to any formal training or competitions safety goes well beyond the 4 rules of firearm safety and there is a professional etiquette expected of all participants.  It’s even stated that the shooting sports is one of the safest and that golf has more injuries!

And perhaps foolery like in this attached video does happen in the US, but the participants are understandably wise enough to not to film and broadcast it.  But this footage of the Chinese military shooting apples off of each other’s heads ranks in the list of one big NOPE from me.

I don’t care if you are NRA Bullseye 12 time champion Brian Zin, all I see in an activity like this is what can go wrong, and can hardly figure any advantage to this even if everything goes right.

At first I though it was an exaggeration and that it was probably only shot at 5-10 yards, however when the camera angle changes it sure looks like they are more at a distance of 20-25 yards away.

I realize from the commentary that this is a “trust exercise”.  And yes, I suppose there is a massive amount of trust in a shooter William Tell you, even if ballistic helmets are utilized.  But as a firearms instructor I know what happens when shooters have poor fundamentals – shots inherently find their way low or to the left.  Rush the trigger by thinking “NOW!” and that round will find its way several inches low.

How about you?  Think this practice has any positive potential or is it really absolutely crazy?

Dustin Ellermann

TFG Editorial: