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Cooler Insert Eliminates the Need for Ice

Nothing is worse than buying bags of ice for a day of fishing, coming home empty handed, then dumping the unused ice over the side of the boat. Why doesn’t someone invent a cooler insert, that would allow you to do away with ice all together? (You know what’s coming next, right…?) THEY HAVE!

The Cooler Insert replaces ice, and keeps everything in the cooler thoroughly chilled.

The Cooler insert gets filled with water and frozen in your freezer, or you can fill it with ice water. Either way, the L-shape of the insert and its molded in channels and ridges are designed to cause air in the cooler to circulate along the surface of the insert, chill it to the max, and then circulate among the food, fish, or whatever you may have in the cooler. Look closely at the picture, and you’ll notice that I tested the Cooler Insert by placing it into a cooler, then filling it with live blue crabs. I enjoy trot-lining for crabs, and if there was ever a critter that could be used to test an item for puncture-resistance, the blue crab is it. I’m happy to report that the Cooler Insert remained undamaged by these fierce little critters (which tasted quite good that evening, I might add).

Yes, the Cooler Insert does eat up some space in the cooler, but so does regular ice. The bigger problem is making enough room in your freezer to chill it down the night before you use it. Beyond that there’s not much of a down-side, so those of us with large bait freezers in the garage are good to go. The biggest benefit I see to the Cooler Insert is actually for food coolers, more so than the cooler you use for the critters you’re catching, because it eliminates the age-old problem of soggy sandwiches and waterlogged pretzels, something we’ve all dealt with after the bulk of the ice has melted. Then again, maybe this thing is perfect for the fish cooler, too. Because with a Cooler Insert you’ll never have to dump that unused ice overboard, again. If you like this idea, visit Cooler Insert.

Lenny Rudow:
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