Fish in your comfort zone

As September is drawing to an end, the leaves will start to turn and we will gradually see cooler weather forecasts.  It is a magical time of year when the deer get ready to rut, the ducks head south for the winter and the fishermen have the lake to themselves.

You will read that in the fall bass will migrate to the backs of coves and creeks to follow the shad migration.  This very well may be true for you and your body of water.  But, we all know that some fish stay deep almost year round while others stay shallow almost year round.  So which fish do you go after?  My best tip is to stay in your comfort zone.

If you are a shallow water guy who thrives on square bills, topwaters and pitching a jig then by all means do so.

If you are a deep water specialist who loves finding fish on his graph and throwing a deep crankbait, swimbait or Carolina rig then by all means do so.

Just because it is the fad to go shallow doesn’t mean all of the fish have left the deep water or vice versa.

For me it is a matter of application as to which group of bass I am going to target.  If I am fishing a tournament or fishing with someone who simply wants to catch fish, then shallow we will go.

If I am going fishing for an eight pounder or better, my money is on the deeper fish.

But remember, stay in your comfort zone.  The hardest fish to catch are the ones that someone else has told you about.

Sometimes we will get caught up in the hype of certain lakes and certain times of the year.  This will normally lead you on a wild goose chase.  Lakes in Texas are notorious for changing from year to year.

We saw this last year on the Bassmaster Elite event on Toledo Bend.

The lake was lower and had very little grass and the weights were down.  But if you are a student of the sport, Toledo Bend is supposed to be lights out in the grass at that time of year.

I hope you see the route I am trying to take here.  Just because there may be some fish moving back following shad, doesn’t mean they all are.

Stay in your comfort zone and fish the conditions- FOR THAT DAY.  The next day may bring a huge northern cold front and push those fish out deeper or vice versa.

If you decide to pick up your rods rather than your bow this fall, stay in your comfort zone, avoid the dock talk and you will catch more fish.

Good luck and Tight lines Texas Outdoor Nation

Shane Smith

TFG Editorial: