Vapor Trail Makes Uncommon Scents

Vapor Trail Scents prides themselves in being light years ahead of everyone else in the industry by having numerous products built for success in hunting pursuits. Here are some highlights of their product lines:

Vapor Maker:  A pump up scent atomizer that puts scent in the air in the smallest particles. It copies nature exactly so animals don’t question its authenticity and allows you to spray down from head to toe in ten seconds which includes even spraying your back. Works with any scent or scent eliminator on the market

33 Point Buck: This is a scent eliminator and attractant all-in-one. It’s all natural, made from plant based food sources. Unlike other scent products you can even spray down with it immediately after getting out of the shower. Using the Vapor Maker and the 33 Point Buck together, you can be 2 feet from wild hogs or deer without getting busted.  VTS gathers the plants in the woods and make this product by hand, one bottle at a time!

Dig-A-Hole: This is a powder that is the most highly concentrated formula available today. Only 8 ounces of the 32 ounces is the sugar content of this product. The other 24 ounces is the mineral content for your animals. The Dig-A-Hole will turn 300 pounds of feed into pure sugar and turns your feeder into a mineral site at the same time. It is so powerful that animals can smell it 14 miles away and you can smell it through the plastic jug that contains it.

Display Headlight: This head mounted light has a run time on high of 10 hours and a run time on low of 20 hours! This is the brightest light and longest run time on a single charge than any light out there, even those costing 4 times as much. The LCD display shows in real time how many hours you have left per charge as well as what percentage of battery life is left, just like your cell phone. This light uses a lithium ion battery that is built in so there are no wires or battery packs to worry about. The 10 watt model comes with 4 color lenses for night hunting, fishing and blood trailing. The blub life is an amazing 200,000 hours and it has a battery life of 500 charges. This is one light you can trust in the woods or on the water.

To check out these and other Vapor Trail products, visit vaportrailoutdoors.com. 

This Game Caller is a Game Changer

The Convergent Hunting Bullet HP Complete Bluetooth Game Calling System was designed to be very rugged, plenty loud, exceptionally clear, and easy to use in conjunction with the Convergent Hunting Solutions Mobile Applications, Carry Bag and Picatinny Phone Mount. The Bullet HP has a working range of up to 300 feet—10 times the distance of standard Bluetooth. It uses an integrated internal lithium ion battery, which will last all day and is rechargeable so there is no need to ever purchase batteries.

Bullet HP

It has a built-in decoy controllable via the app. The decoy features dual directional, erratic movement that has proven very effective in triggering responses from even the most suspicious predators. Simply pair the Bullet HP with any Android or IOS Device and launch one of Convergent Hunting Solution’s mobile apps and you are ready to hunt. Because it is connected to your mobile device via Bluetooth you can play your sounds… even music!

Features include: Predator Pro App Free Download, Bullet HP Bluetooth Speaker, up to 300 Foot Range via Bluetooth, integrated Li-ION Rechargeable Battery, over 10 Hours Battery Life Per Charge, integrated Decoy and Ground Spike, Picatinny Phone Mount, and Carry Bag.

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