GunSport Pro – In-Ear Electronic Hearing Protection

Next to eye protection, hearing protection is vitally important in shooting sports and hunting. But sometimes they are bulky, uncomfortable, or you can’t hear important things in your surroundings – not so with the GunSport Pro.

While I do have some fancy over the ear electronic hearing muffs, they can get uncomfortably hot as well as interfere with certain shooting positions.

GunSport Pros are designed to give the shooter hearing protection and while being extremely low profile, comfortable, and blocking dangerous noise levels while still allowing the user to hear everything around you. They look just like hearing aids and are customizable for the user to get the best fit for their unique ear size and shape. The eartips are reusable and cleanable, and the GunSport Pro comes with 6 styles of tips as well as a neckcord so you don’t lose anything.

In testing my GunSport Pros on the range I found them hearing safe with all my pistols and even my 3 Gun carbine with its annoying muzzle brake. The rated 25db seems to do the trick, although I did see that 28db is recommended for indoor shooting ranges. I found the ear pro so comfortable I literally would forget I was wearing them. I would be halfway back to my house and realize “Oh, I still have these things in”.

The GunSport Pros have both a low and high mode. I prefer the high that not only allows you to hear natural noise but amplifies faint sounds up to five times. This would be perfect for hunting. On the low mode the GunSports would protect you from continuous loud noise, such as if you were riding in a loud vehicle or mowing.

The batteries were the only downside to this system. While the #10 hearing aid batteries aren’t that expensive under $0.25 each, they don’t have a long life once you take them out of the packaging. The Zinc-air batteries will last an impressively long 9 days of continuous use, however they actually will discharge in about 2 weeks after taking them out of the packaging. So even though I only hit the range 2-3 times a week, in about a month I’ve needed to use 6 batteries. The way you power off the GunSports are by opening the battery door and removing the batteries from the units. While this is a little annoying the storage box makes it less of an issue.


So if you don’t mind changing the batteries frequently, these might be the ear pro you are looking for! They are offered by Etymotic and retail right at $299 BUT get $44 (15% off) when you use code EHP10TP : https://www.etymotic.com/gsp15-76.html

Dustin Ellermann

TFG Editorial:
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