A View from Flooded Houston (This is America)

I wrote this a few weeks ago while helping out with the rescue efforts. I think it is more important now than ever. Lets not forget how we came together.
As I am down here in the flood devistated areas for the past week I could not help but notice that “THIS” is America. Hundreds upon hundreds of boats and thousands of people selflessly going down into dangerous flood waters to help those who can not help themselves.

TF&G writer Jeff Stewart helping rescue folks as part of the “Texas Navy”.

“THIS” is America. Bass boats, bay boats, catfish and crappie rigs. Canoes, kayaks, jon boats and rubber dingies. Airboats, duck boats and even had a guy show up with a truck load of swimming pool floats because thats all he had.
“THIS” is America. No one cared what color anyone was or what bathroom they used or who they went to bed with. No one cared who voted for who. We just “CARED”.
“THIS” is America. Every Redneck, Hick, Hillbilly,Coona$$,Cajun, Yankee, and any other noun and pronoun you can think of showed up in force. Some went in debt and bought new boats or borrowed ther uncle, father, brother or neighbors boat just to come help.
“THIS” is America. Those who could not come sent boats, motors, food, fuel, money or whatever they could with those rolling out, just something to help out.
“THIS” is America. Tens of thousands have gathered diapers,food, water, and every other need a person might have and they are being taken into the affected areas on trucks and trailers. Supplies are coming by the trunk loads and tractor trailer loads.
“This” is America. Law enforcement agencies and officers from all over Texas and Louisiana working as volunteers. Drawing no pay to be here. Rescuing people.
“THIS” is America.  All these people traveled hundreds and thousands of miles on their own money. Missing work with no pay. Giving up vacation days if they had them. Sleeping on floors and in truck seats when and if they slept at all. Wet from head to toe for days on end.
Eating whatever they can find and little of that. Willingly and gladly This is being done right now.
This is the great America I want to get back to. Too many yelling America was never great. I feel sad that those folks never knew the great America I know and love. We have faults and bumps but America is GREAT.
I grew up in a town where neighbor helped neighbor and we were all neighbors.
We live over 150 miles from Houston and still considered them our neighbors.
The great thing is we would consider folks in Pennsylvania neighbors….
Jeff Stewart

TFG Editorial: