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$100,000 for a bass boat? Yes!

Well, it is official.  A major bass boat manufacturer is selling a $100,000 bass boat.

It is really unfathomable if you think about it.
The 6 figure boat is the Ranger Z521L ICON.  This $100,000 boat “celebrates” 50 years of production for the legendary boat maker.

Of course this is a “limited edition” and produced in limited quantity to try and justify 6 figures for a boat to chase little green fish.

Here are the specs for the 2018 Ranger 521L ICON Comanche

  • 21’7” Hull Length
  • 97” Beam
  • 250 HP MAX**
  • 53 Gallon Fuel Capacity
  • 2,025 Boat Weight
  • LED Lights throughout the cockpit
  • Custom Steering Wheel
  • Padded Front Deck
  • Custom “One of a kind” ICON fabric boat cover
  • Black Hydraulic Jack Plate
  • Dual 8’ Power Poles
  • 17” Black Chrome Wheels
  • 16” Lowrance Carbon at the console and a 12” Lowrance Carbon at the bow.
  • MinnKota Ultrex 112 trolling motor with a recessed foot pedal.
  • The Icon comes standard with dual consoles with wider seats that are fully adjustable.

I would think a boat selling for $100K would have a 400HP or twin 200’s or something more than a 250.  I know most large scale BASS or FLW circuits have a 250HP Max limit.

But how can they justify that kind of money for a bass boat with only a 250 on it?

People will buy it.  Just because. You may have already put your name on the list to order yours.  That is good for you.

Let me know if you win more money because of it or get there any faster than the next guy.

I mean $100,000 for a bass boat?


Shane Smith

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