AAC Halcyon Suppressor – Short and Sweet!

Suppressors have come a long way in their design in the past few decades.  The AAC Halcyon is proof of that.  Not only is it quiet in handling magnum small bore calibers, its modular design gives the shooter the option of having only a 3.4” long suppressor that is very effective for rifles.

The AAC Halcyon in long mode on a .22LR Volquartsen Scorpion.

 Now modular silencers are not that new to the scene, but this is the first time I was able to test one on a rimfire and I really enjoyed it.  Especially for rifle use.  After a few months of using a suppressor the first thing a shooter wants to do is shorten the overall length of the rifle usually in the form or registering a Short Barrel Rifle.  Of course this is due to the cumbersome length of adding 8”+ to your rifle.  However with just a 3” suppressor, that temptation isn’t as great to force yourself to pay the government another $200.

Shorter configuration of the Halcyon is all that is needed on longer barrels like this Volquartsen 17HMR .

But physics still apply.  The Halcyon in short mode wasn’t that wonderful on a pistol.  However with a 16” or longer barrel it was absolutely pleasant and I couldn’t even differentiate a change in volume in long and short mode.

The Halcyon boasts of a titanium tube and K-baffle stack, with stainless steel front cap and aluminum front tube.  This results in a strong, magnum rated yet lightweight suppressor at only 6.1 ounces in full configuration and 4.5 in short configuration.  It is rated for 22LR full auto as well as being able to handle .17HMR, .22WM and 5.7×28 FN.  AAC also offers thread adapters for other patterns besides the industry standard 1/2”x28.

The 3 different types of baffles can look confusing at first, but it was really easy to keep them straight.

The K baffles lock together along with a skirted design that shields carbon and lead fouling from melting itself to the outer can liner allowing for easy disassembly.  This design is also very quiet without any noticeable first round pop.  However the downside is that cleaning might be troublesome with the nooks of the baffles.  Yet since they are constructed of titanium you can use an ultrasonic cleaner.


Halcyon disassembled in short configuration.


I really enjoyed shooting the AAC Halcyon and besides the potential cleaning aspect, it would be an excellent can to muffle both rifles and pistols especially with the option of removing 3” off the length of longer barrels.  It retails for $450 but you’ll be able to find the most competitive price at Silencer Shop: https://www.silencershop.com/aac-halcyon.html

Dustin Ellermann


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