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Almost time for opening day

Well boys and girls it’s almost time for the opening day of rifle season here in Texas and I am sure most of you are hurrying to get those last minute details hammered out before opening day. It always seems here in Texas we end up with a drought before opening weekend which puts the kibosh on the planting of green patches.
When mother nature gives you dust to plant in don’t stress it.  There are ways to deal with it. Many times, I have had to make something happen on my own.  I picked up 4-55 gallon plastic food grade drums for about $20 each. I then drilled a half inch hole in each one close to the bottom when upright.  In that hole I place a ½ inch hose bib so I can attach a garden hose. I place the barrels in the bed of my truck or on my trailer and fill them with water. After that its easy as pie. You drive to your desired food plot after you disk it and start watering.  Gravity gives you enough pressure to soak the ground.  I also have a 12v pump I can use to get more pressure or to refill the barrels from a nearby stream or pond.
You can mix in liquid fertilizers as you see fit too. It’s a lot of work but it can mean the difference between no green patch and a great one.  
The next thing this set up can add in dry conditions is a makeshift water hole.  I have dug a mud hole basically about 2 feet deep by 6 feet wide and long, then lined it with black plastic sheeting. Once its filled with water the sheeting will make sure the ground doesn’t soak up the water.  This works during the summer but also keeps the game coming year round.  I hope these tips have helped and maybe given birth to some ideas of your own.
Jeff Stewart

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