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Controlling scent key to killing whitetail

As far as I am concerned, scent control is the most important thing to be aware of for success in the bow hunting world. Of course, having the ability to be accurate with your bow and arrow goes without saying. As a matter of fact, if you have not been practicing, then you do not belong in the woods at all… at least for this year.

For those of you who may question the ability of whitetail’s sense of smell, then I offer you this true fact.

A human has 5 million olfactory receptors while a dog is about 220 million receptors. A whitetail deer is equipped with( are you sitting down?) a whopping 297 million olfactory receptors! I am amazed that we are successful at all while hunting with a bow.

Most shots with a bow average around 20 yards. However, the more you practice, the more confident you can become when you increase the yardage of your shot. Still, anyway you look at it, when you are dealing with an animal with 297 million receptors, you have to respect the nose of that deer! And you have to be close for the shot.

There are many companies out there that boast about how their product line will mask your human scent.

Nope! No way, no how! Nothing will mask your human odor 100%. The bottom line is… we stink! At least the deer seem to think so. With the slightest breeze, whitetails can detect a foreign odor hundreds of yards away.

Bow hunters should do their very best to help hide the human scent. That includes using a scent –free soap for your hair and body and also a scent-free deodorant. Anything at all that you can think of to hide from that deer is a plus in the bow hunting world.

The only sure way to fool a whitetail’s nose is to hunt with the wind in your face. With that in mind, good luck this season.

Lou Marullo



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