Fighting bears, dancing rattlesnakes and other amazing game cam photos from Texas and Mexico

Game or trail cameras are one of the greatest innovations in the history of the outdoors industry. They not only hunters to monitor and patterns the game they pursue but they give the world a look at wildlife that they would most likely never see. That is certainly the case in the following photos submitted by Texas Fish & Game readers.

Bruce Griffith captured this photo of a pair of rattlesnakes in a mating ritual near Cotulla.








Kendall Marion captured a series of photos around a feeder west of Del Rio in Mexico. These young black bears are play fighting.








Here’s another Kendal Marion shot of a black bear, this time one that is curious of the camera.







Kendall Marion also captured this photo of a beautiful Carmen Mountain Whitetail Buck. This is a unique subspecies native only to the parts of Texas and Mexico. They are a small subspecies in comparison to most whitetail.










Look closely and you will see the coyote in the center of this photo is carrying a deer’s head. Photo by Chuck Joshe.









If you would like to submit photos for our Wildlife Wednesday blog email to cmoore@fishgame.com. We like anything unusual, epic and awesome.

Chester Moore, Jr.


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