Houston cop in critical condition after hit

A Houston Police officer is fighting for his life in the hospital after a suspected drunk driver struck him during a traffic stop.

Officer Nestor Garcia, 24, spotted a stolen vehicle Wednesday and followed it until backup arrived, investigators told Click2Houston.

Officers pulled over the suspect and blocked off an additional lane on the highway. When the LEOs got out of their patrol cars, another driver, 79-year-old Robert Zimmerman, drove through the scene, striking Garcia and dragging him a couple of feet. Garcia was transported to the hospital where he underwent surgery and is currently in critical condition.

We are at Memorial Hermann with Officer Nestor Garcia’s family & extended @houstonpolice family, we need prayers. pic.twitter.com/pWNsZl75L8

— Chief Art Acevedo (@ArtAcevedo) September 27, 2017

Police Chief Art Acevedo said Zimmerman was driving 50 to 60 mph when he struck the officer.

“I don’t care if he’s intoxicated, not intoxicated. That’s reckless,” he told ABC 13. “That officer should not be in [the hospital] fighting for his life.”

Zimmerman is expected to be charged with intoxication assault of a peace officer. An investigation is ongoing.

A test question that was on every driving test I ever took was about moving over and giving space to Police, Medical or Fire Department vehicles.  But, back when I took mine cell phones were not around.
It is more and more common to see people driving 70 MPH texting and never thinking twice about shifting lanes to give a Police officer some room.

Society as a whole is “busier” now than ever and just don’t have the time like they used to.  I mean, it would take 20 seconds to put your turn signal on, slow down and change lanes wouldn’t it?  That is crazy talk right?!?!

The officer is pulling over a vehicle and has no idea if the people in that car have escaped from a prison, are high on narcotics or simply speeding.  These are legitimate concerns officers have every time they pull over a vehicle.  The last thing he needs to worry about is being struck by a motorist that is either to lazy, drunk, high or too stupid to move over and give them some space.

In a city that has been ravaged by a hurricane and torrential flooding, you would think this would be the last thing LEO’s have to worry about.

I am as guilty as the next person of constantly being in a rush and driving faster than I should, rolling through stop signs and so on and so forth.  I am however NOT guilty of failing to give LEO’s the right of way when they have someone pulled over.

I know this is not the most sexy or tacti-cool topic, but it needs to be gone over.
Keep your eyes open when you get in your vehicle and remember our brothers in blue when we see them doing their job of serving & protecting.

Fortuna Paratus Remunerat= Fortune Favors the Prepared.

Shane Smith

TFG Editorial:
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