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Must have lures for fall bass

The weather is finally starting to cool off and hunting seasons are kicking off all over the state.  Now the bass will start working their way to the shallows to feed heavily for the upcoming winter.  Fishing is fairly easy this time of year once you find them.

Everyone has “favorite” lures for specific situations.  I will give you my 4 favorite baits for when the mercury is falling and so are the leaves.

Topwater Baits– If you love throwing a topwater bait, then fall is the time for you.

  • Model- 6th sense Dogma, Heddon One Knocker Zara Spook , 6th Sense Splashback popper or Yellow Magic.
  • When- Cloudy days are best for me but don’t be afraid to throw these baits all day if it is cloudy or a slight chop is on the water.
  • Retrieve- I will start off with a medium to fast twitch cadence and see if I catch fish or if I am getting a lot of blow ups. If the fish are not reacting to the bait, I will slow it down.
  • Tackle- 7’3” IROD Genesis II Stone Cold Spook & Trap rod with 30 lb braid on a 6.4:1 gear ratio reel.

Square Bill Crankbait– This is a close second for me as I can cover a ton of water and throw it in some nasty cover and still provoke a reaction bite.

  • Model- 6th Sense 50X Squarebill, Strike King KVD 1.5 or a bigger profile 6th Sense Movement L7.
  • When- Literally anytime you are on the water. If the fish are in less than 5 foot of water you are in the strike zone.  I prefer to fish them around wood such as docks, stumps, laydowns or root wads.  Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and throw these baits in the thick stuff.
  • Retrieve- I will usually start with a medium steady retrieve, but as I contact cover I will snap the bait violently and reel quick for a couple turns. This is usually when you will get the majority of your bites.
  • Tackle- 7’2” IROD Genesis II Stone Cold Swim/Vibrating jig rod with 15-17lb floro on a 6.4:1 gear ratio reel.

Spinnerbaits- This is the most versatile tool in your tackle box at this time of year.  You can fish it up high in the water column or dredge it slowly across the bottom.

  • Model-Santone Pretender Spinnerbait or a Pepper Custom Spinnerbait. I like a 3/8 oz this time of year in a double willow leaf.
  • When- Sunny, cloudy, windy or calm. It doesn’t really matter, just have one tied on and ready to throw.  Throw it in the same areas as a squarebill, but you can also throw it in grass with less snags.
  • Retrieve- Either slow roll to just keep the blades turning, or a burn and stop at the water’s surface. I will always use a trailer hook, unless I am constantly getting hung or snagging grass.
  • Tackle- IROD Genesis II 7’ Heavy rod with 15-17lb floro on a 6.4:1 gear ratio reel.

  JIGS– A jig is still your best tool to land a monster in the coming months, day in and day out.

  • Model- Santone M Series Jig, Strike King Denny Brauer Pro Model Jig and a 6th Sense Divine Hybrid Jig. I prefer a ½ or 5/8 oz jig when pitching and flipping to heavy cover in the fall.
  • When- Any and all conditions. Especially when the bite is tough and fish are locked onto wood or hard cover.
  • Retrieve- Try to fish wood close to deep water and mix up a slow hop to a twitch and go retrieve. But 70% of your bites will come on the initial drop or first pick up.
  • Tackle- IROD 7’6” Crusher Heavy action rod with 17-20lb floro on a 7.1:1 gear ratio reel.

Well, those are my weapons of choice when I am going to flood the bank to catch those hungry fall bass.  I didn’t list any specific colors as each lake has its’ own prey base and colors that work best.

G’luck Texas Nation and Tight Lines

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