Must read bowhunters! A real look at treestand safety

It is no secret that most bowhunters out there will be hunting from a tree stand. As a matter of fact, it is estimated that over 85 percent of hunters use tree stands for success. A shocking number of tree stand accidents is 10 percent. Some of the studies have put that average as much as 30 percent

Even though most states require hunters to take a safety class before being allowed to hunt, the number of hunters that injure themselves from a fall is way too high for this writer.

I am no stranger to hunter education. As a matter of fact, for the past 25 years I have taught and still do teach the bow hunting safety courses as well as the hunter safety courses. We stress the use of a tree stand safety harness over and over. The problem is that once in the field, you are alone and the decision is ultimately yours.

Joella Bates, a world champion archer prepares to take a shot at a deer while hunting from a traditional tree stand.

I can only hope that you make the right choice.

Tree stand manufactures are required to include a safety harness with every tree stand sold. I agree that these harnesses are not the easiest contraption to put on. Include the fact that you can struggle to put them on in the dim light of the moon and frustration might get the best of you as you just leave it in the truck!

You can purchase a safety harness that is incorporated in a vest and can easily be snapped into place. Price ranges from $50 to $150 and they are worth every penny. Think about it for a minute. If you fell from a tree stand and survive, then you have  an outrageous hospital bill. Do not forget the surgeon, the possible helicopter to take you from the field to a hospital and the fact that you will be out of work for quite a long time. Is your life worth $100? Of course it is.

Be safe this hunting season. You owe it to your loved ones back home. Wear that harness!

Lou Marullo

TFG Editorial: