Hurricane Coverage

Thanks to you guys for the amazing Hurricane Harvey coverage. Some of the things you brought up were things no one else in the mainstream or so-called mainstream media touched on like the dioxins and the animal dispersement. Its just another reason I read you ever month.

Louis Stouffer

I was very impressed with the newsletter coverage you did of the wildlife impacts in the hurricanes. TF&G covers angles I don’t see a whole lot out there and it is appreciated.

Kelsey Hood

After reading the story about the big hog running around The Woodlands it made me think of how I was as a teen. I would have set up a pile of corn in the park down the road, made the monkey bars my stand and went hunting.

I’m a little more civilized now but it brought back good memories.

J. Smith

Thanks Roy & Ardia

Thank you for the thoughtful article on the floods.

I, too, was VERY lucky and received no water at either of my properties in Orange or Crystal Beach, Texas. 

Somehow, neither of my children’s homes were flooded either.

You may be interested to know that the fishing in East Bay has not suffered, by evidence from my son’s outing early last weekend.

Fishing marsh drains with plastics (on the bottom of course) he was able to afford easy trout limits to 20 inches.

The next day, in the afternoon, birds provided a fantastic location with about a 2:1 catch/keep ratio.

Steve Thompson




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