Bowers Vers 9S Submachine Gun Suppressor

Just like firearms, suppressors are designed for different purposes.  The Bowers Group focuses on large bore suppression as well as heavy use, high round count silencers like the Vers 9 and Very 45 for submachine guns.

The Bowers Vers 9S (S for “Short”) is the newer generation suppressor that is about 3” shorter and 3 ounces lighter than the full sized version.  But awesomely enough, it seems to be just as quiet.

The Vers 9S isn’t the smallest 9mm suppressor, but it’s the quietest and most durable.

Designed for relentless full auto magazine dumps the Vers S is available with two different baffle stacks.  The upgraded stack handles any sub caliber loads traveling under 2,200FPS.  This not only includes .300 Blackout subsonic but also supersonic loads.  But the 9mm is really where it shines.

I spent 3 days at the NFA Review Shoot in Florida earlier this month and helped guests send thousands of rounds downrange with the Vers 9S mounted to both a full auto H&K MP5 and a 300BLK rifle.  The can performed wonderfully and was pleasantly quiet to fire even indoors.  And of course being mounted on a submachine gun also made it the hit of the show.

While hanging out with Bowers that weekend I learned that they aren’t about marketing fluff.  They are performance driven.  Bowers focuses on how quiet, safe, and affordable they can design for their customers.  The Vers 9S isn’t as compact of a suppressor as others, but you can rest assured that you are getting the quietest can available.  Bowers brags that they are 7DB quieter than any other 9mm submachine gun suppressor on the market.  They are are also overbuilt for safety.  Bowers cans are designed so that even a catastrophic suppressor failure won’t endanger anyone on the firing line.


The Vers 9S accept all of the Bowers Versadapt mounts with over 29 thread pitches to choose from.  In short, if your gun is threaded, Bowers makes an adapter.  My favorite was the HK 3 Lug that makes swapping around the Very 9S quick and easy.

“The Versadapt system allows the end user access to over 29 different mounts. From low profile, to 3 Lug and Uzi, Bowers covers them all.

And to answer a pending question I’m sure many readers will have – no, you cannot use the Vers 9S on your handgun.  Well, I mean you could, but not reliably because the Vers 9S doesnt’ have a Nielsen device (piston) to allow most semi automatics to unlock.  It’s specifically designed for fixed barrels.

The Bowers Vers 9S starts from $535 and increases with the extra options such as supersonic Blackout baffle stack, 3 Lug or Uzi mount.  But just the fact that Uzi and H&K mounts are options makes it sound awesome.  If you need a quiet, strong, reliable and affordable high volume 9mm suppressor you have found it. https://www.silencershop.com/bowers-vers-9s.html

Dustin Ellermann

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