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10 Tackle Tips for Saltwater Anglers

We saltwater anglers are tough on our tackle – and fishing gear is anything but cheap. You want to keep your goodies in tip-top shape? Then check out these 10 tackle tips for saltwater anglers.

If you have built-in tackleboxes on your boat, Tip number one will be particularly important to you.

  1. Place a small block of cedar inside built-in tackleboxes on boats. The cedar will absorb moisture, and help minimize corrosion.
  2. After sharpening hooks, run a Sharpie marker across the area that’s been ground down. The coat of ink will help prevent corrosion.
  3. Tighten the drags on your reels before rinsing them down, so water doesn’t get inside.
  4. Back the drag off after the wash-down, so the drag washers don’t lose their form.
  5. Run pantyhose through rod guides, to identify chips and burrs inside the guides (if they’re significant enough to wear on your line, they’ll catch on the hose).
  6. Store lead weights separately from your lures; the whitish powder they sluff off will taint plastics and dull metals.
  7. Remove reels from rods at least once a year, and clean out under the reel seat. Salt has a tendency to build up in this spot, and can eventually ruin the reel and/or the seat.
  8. It’s a good idea to spray down a reel’s exterior with a corrosion inhibitor, like CorrosionX or Boeshield. But afterwards, make sure you wipe off the reel with a rag or paper towel. Otherwise the excess goop will attract dirt and grime, which then works its way into the reel’s moving parts.
  9. After using WD-40 on anything, always lure, grease, or otherwise coat the part with some form of corrosion inhibitor. WD-40 is a solvent, and as a result, can eat away at the greases and oils your equipment needs.
  10. Shine dulled metal spoons and spinners with a regular metal polish. The extra reflectiveness can make a huge difference – and could result in a slow day becoming productive.


Lenny Rudow: