Angelfire Ammo Prepper Pack Torture Test

“Trust in God and keep your powder dry” – Angelfire Ammunition takes this to heart and offers their vacuum sealed “Prepper Packs” of ammunition.

Available in 9mm and .223, the Prepper Packs are industrial chamber vacuum sealed in not just one, but two heavy duty 5 mil pouches.  The packs are so compact I didn’t believe it was really 100 rounds until I counted it out myself. These are excellent for compact storage.

The Prepper Packs are double layered for extra durability.

I took two of the 100 round packs and decided to see how well they held up in extremely wet conditions.  I threw a 9mm pack in the “treated” tank of my septic system and buried the .223 pack a foot under disgustingly decayed mud in a stagnate part of the lake.  After leaving both packs for over a month, I recovered them and took them to the range.

Prepper Pack right after recovery from the lake burial.


Besides being wet and disgusting, both Prepper Packs were air tight and still under a heavy vacuum.  Being double layered really gives the packs an extra thick layer of durability.  As soon as I broke the seal the ammo fell loosely into the bag.

This was primarily a functionality test so accuracy was ignored as I unloaded 50 rounds of 223 into the berm and 33 rounds of 9mm with the new CMMG Guard.  (Boy do I have a tough job.). Perfect reliability as always.  I’ve personally sent thousands of Angelfire ammo downrange this year and have yet to have a bad round.  In fact, Angelfire is so focused on quality that they offer a 5,000% guarantee.  If you have ONE bad round they will send you 50 new rounds in its place.

If you are looking for a hassle free ammunition storage solution for a rainy day check out the Angelfire Ammo Prepper Packs.  I imagine they will expand the line past 9mm and .223 as their own line expands as they just recently they added 45 ACP. See their entire ammo line at www.angelfireammo.com

Dustin Ellermann

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