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Why Anglers Need a Boarding Ladder (Video)

If you’re an angler, a boarding ladder is a important piece of safety equipment that can be added to just about any fishing rig. Here are two options.

Safety Boarding Ladders

One of the best pieces of safety equipment an angler can have on board your boat other than a lifejacket is a good boarding ladder. Accidents can happen out there and particularly during winter months when you’re fishing by yourself and those water temperatures are cold. If you happen to go overboard wearing a bib suit or a snow suit or whatever, I think you’re suddenly gonna weigh about 40 pounds heavier, and you’re going to have a hard time getting back in the boat by yourself without one.

Double the Safety

I keep two boarding ladders on my boat. I’ve got one at the bow and one back of the transom. Check them out. The ladder I have on my transom is made by R&R Designs out of Terrell Texas. This aluminum ladder will mount to any boat with an outboard engine. It’s real simple to use. To deploy it you simply just pull the pin and the ladder comes down. And you’ve got two access steps. Then, when you’re ready to go, simply raise it back up where it was, insert the pin and you’re ready to go.

This particular unit has a wing on it that it’s made for use with Ranger boat covers just simply slide your cinch strap on there hook it to your cover and cinch it down you’re ready to go.

Bow Cleat Boarding Ladder

The second ladder I keep in my boat is made by Easy Riser Products. It’s a nylon rope ladder with two heavy-duty steps on it. The ladder secures to the boat cleat at the bow of your boat. It rolls up, rides right there next to my rods. The ladder is out of the way until I ever need it. All you got to do to deploy is release the Velcro strap and it just falls right overboard. You’ve got two steps get you back in the boat on a cold winter day. Folks, that little dude right there could save your life.

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