Trophy Trout!

T he Hunt For The Trophy Trout is in full swing on Baffin Bay and the results here speak for themselves.

Big trout up to 11 pounds have already been landed by the guides and anglers at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun, and the future looks great for some really hefty trout in the months upcoming.

The conditions on the bay are stunning and bait is plentiful, leading to high optimism for a new state record.

The good winter weather has added to the excitement here, with lots of opportunity in all parts of the bay, including the back bays of Baffin, the Laguna Salada and the Cayo del Grullo, as well as the ever-mysterious Alazan Bay.

This year, Baffin Bay has grown a bumper crop of grass in all areas, deep and shallow. Clear water is abundant, and the rocks are easy to see on most days.

Water temperatures are fluctuating between warm (70) and pretty chilly (50s) and on really warm, sunny days, can go up even higher. Big trout do like to hang out shallow, so key on the warmer, shallower water on nice, sunny days.

However, when the water temperatures drop, Mother Nature is sending the signal to the predators that cold weather is coming. When big fish get that notice, they start to eat. During warming trends, they eat a lot. When it’s colder, they move really slow, trying to retain all of the energy they can.

To match that activity, trophy trout hunters must present the lure slowly. This is where Corky’s, Catch 2000, and other slow sinkers work well. Also, use larger paddle tails such as Saltwater Assassin’s Die Dapper (We like “Snowstorm” and “Morning Glory”) on our Black’s Magic 1/32 ounce jig heads. This super light jig head lets that big bodied Die Dapper paddle tail work like a suspending lure and a lot like a natural bait, which is the key to the presentation of all artificial lures.

Do not take the top water lure off of the table. Warming trends will create massive top water strikes. So, throw them when the time is right, or when top water feeding action is seen in packs of mullet or along a shoreline.

Bigger topwaters, like the Skitterwalk, One-Knocker Spook or the Super Spook can sometimes bring really big trout to the top with vengeance. On calm days, bring it down a bit with a smaller top water lure such as the one-knocker Yozuri 3DB, the Super Spook, Jr and the smaller baby Skitterwalk.

When it’s colder, everything moves slower. Anglers move lures slower and lower to match the activity of the big predators they seek. Low and slow is the motto when waters are cold.

This month is technically the end of winter on the Texas Coast, and anglers really anticipate the upcoming spring. Soon, the winds of March will arrive, but so will more really big trout. March and April have historically been the months where the heaviest trout have been caught here on Baffin.

We’re not saying that the new state record can’t be caught in any other month, however. The two previous state record holders, Jim Wallace who caught his trophy in February, ’96, and Mike Blackwood who caught his trophy in early March, ’75, started the quest to hunt for the state record trout in Baffin Bay. 

If you have ever wanted to fish Baffin Bay, this is going to be the year. Book a trip with the trophy trout specialists and teaching guides at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun, so you can have the absolute best shot at your personal best catch.

Give Marcie, our booking manager, a call and she will help you design a trip that will suit your needs. Whether, it’s a trip for a group of friends, or that corporate outing you’ve been wanting to arrange, the time is now.

Building loyalty and creating lasting memories together will keep your employees or best clients totally engaged. When you walk into Baffin Bay Rod and Gun Lodge, the thinking is over, and the fun begins. 

Everything is taken care of, and the private, tropical atmosphere is inviting and warm. A fire ring, outdoor bar, covered entertaining area with a television, swimming pool, quality chef and a fantastic staff will make your group of up to 20 cherished people feel connected like never before.

Baffin Bay Rod and Gun is the ONLY Orvis Endorsed Lodge on the Texas Coast and the ONLY dual-endorsed lodge in Texas, so you can expect a quality experience. 

See you soon to experience the awesome opportunities available to fishermen and hunters at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun.

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