Investing in Texas

There’s something special about having a piece of the Texas countryside to call your own. At Capital Farm Credit, they understand that purchasing land is more than just buying acreage — it’s an investment in your future. Whether you’re looking for a weekend escape to forge lasting memories with family and friends, expanding an existing operation or diversifying your holdings, your land is an extension of yourself. And finding the perfect place for yourself is easier with the right partner. 

Experience Matters 

As a cooperative, Capital Farm Credit is owned by the customers they serve. Each and every customer has a seat at the table — and better yet, shares the earnings. Brett Riff, a senior branch manager with Capital Farm Credit’s Hondo Credit Office, says this relationship between banker and customer is unique to the industry. 

“Ag and land financing are our sole focus and primary to our success as well as our customers’ success,” Riff said. “We’ve developed a team of very knowledgeable lending associates and team members, and we’re able to do a number of things that add value beyond the interest rate — whether that’s assisting with long- and short-term strategy or creating a custom, tailored set of terms that complement the borrower’s objectives.”


Working with them means you don’t just get a lender or a loan to be underwritten, you get a partnership for the long haul; one that’s reciprocal and serves only your best interest. “If you borrow from us, I’m coming along, for better or worse,” Riff added. 

Finding an Edge in the Market 

Purchasing land, whether for recreational or business purposes, requires the consideration of multiple factors, both by the lender and the buyer. As the marketplace evolves, its becomes increasingly important to identify short- and long-term strategies for maximizing your investment. One example, according to Riff, is finding added value in areas often overlooked. “In our state, we’re very versed in water rights,” Riff said. “Understanding that niche is critical to adding value to our borrowers, as well as understanding how to monetize those water rights when it’s necessary or how to protect those water rights. We help our borrowers walk that line and understand the value in changing water rights from a static asset to a transferrable asset.” 

Staying Ahead of the Curve 

The demand for Texas real estate is as high as ever. After all, they’re not making more of it. Market factors over the years, however, have started to reshape the current landscape and given way to new trends in the marketplace. “When you move closer to urban areas, there’s definitely pressure as far as demand, and it’s resulting in the fragmentation of larger ranches. We’re seeing smaller parcels the closer you get to metropolitan areas,” Riff said. “We’re also seeing premiums paid for live water. In aesthetic areas, such as Texas Hill Country, water is king. It will always be king.” 

Location, Location, Location 

As with any big purchase, it’s natural to feel a sense of trepidation or hesitancy. It’s a big investment, and it should be approached with knowledge and due diligence. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a real estate novice, having the right team in your corner can ease the process and give you peace of mind. “Find that person that can help you make those critical decisions, identify the right opportunities and help you circumvent potential mistakes,” Riff said. “Build an advisory team that can improve your property every step of the way.” Capital Farm Credit’s team of experienced advisors can help you navigate the process when you’re ready to buy. With more than 66 locations across the state, our Texas roots run deep, and we understand that each area of the state has its own peculiarities that present different opportunities and make it unique. From the Coastal Plains all the way to the Panhandle, we’ll be there to work with you, side by side. “We want you to walk away knowing that you’re in control and have a hand in this,” Riff said. “We want you to know that this is tailored for you, so you’re comfortable making your choices.” 

The process starts with a simple conversation. If you’re interested in talking with their advisory team, stop by your local branch, visit their website or call (877) 944-5500.


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