AAC Illusion-Low Profile 9mm Suppressor

If you have ever used a centerfire pistol with a suppressor you have realized either one of two things: The suppressor blocks the sight picture, or “man these sights are tall”.

AAC set out to work around these issues with their 9mm Illusion suppressor.

Sure you could replace your sights with extra high suppressor sights, but if you plan to use your suppressor for 5 different pistols that could account for an extra $500 or so.  The Illusion is a low profile, eccentric suppressor that maintains the traditional round suppressor design yet sits slightly below center allowing the shooter to see his target even over traditional Glock sights.

“That’s right, you can actually see over the AAC Illusion 9mm Suppressor”

To time the suppressor to match your pistol’s threads just pull the silencer forward to unlock the piston lugs from the mount and twist and release to reseat.  It’s that easy.  The suppressor also disassembles by removing the end cap (no tools needed).  However my test model had been shot quite a bit so I wasn’t able to remove all the baffles.  I’m sure if I could have found a correct size wooden dowel I could have pushed them out, but I wasn’t that motivated and stopped after knocking out all but the first baffle in order to inspect the design.

I was impressed at how quiet the Illusion was.  I shot it side by side with my Griffin Armament Revolution and couldn’t even tell a difference in performance.  I figured with the smaller 1.25” package and below bore design there must have been a compromise, but it wasn’t in decibel reduction.

The compromise with the Illusion is in the mounting options.  When splurging for a $200 infringement tax stamp we like to make suppressors as modular as possible, but the Illusion lacks this luxury.  It is a dedicated 9mm suppressor for semi automatic hosts.  There is not a fixed barrel or 3 lug adapter.

However if you want a low profile, 9mm suppressor with either 1/2×28 or 13.5x1LH that you can use with factory sights the Illusion could be your winner.  It retails at $799 but we all know that you will find the best deal and easiest way to purchase one here at Silencer Shop.

Dustin Ellermann


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