Bubba Blade Knives Texas Tested Review

In addition to my many roles in the outdoor industry, I also serve as “Fish Fillet Team Captain” of my fishing ministry, Cross Water Outfitters. Over my six years of involvement with this Christian men’s ministry, which serves international students, wounded US Army soldiers and their families and friends and neighbors of our members, I have loved teaching others how to fillet fish fast and easy with an electric knife. I have used an American Angler electric knife for many years and have a good friend and fellow ministry volunteer who swore by a Bubba Blade knife in the past and made short work of filleting catfish and other species of fish with his Bubba Blade. When I attended the Confluence Writers Summit in Delacroix, Louisiana recently, I noticed Bubba Blade was used by the guides there and I finally found out why everyone I have met that used these knives loved them so much.

We had a lot of redfish and bass to clean that were caught from the brackish marsh at this event. I mean baskets full of fish! Some of the reps of the sponsors for this event started cleaning fish and then had to retire to their rooms to get ready for another engagement. So, being the team player that I am, I rolled up my sleeves and started cleaning fish but there was no electric knife in sight, only a few Bubba Blade knives. I used the 9” Bubba Blade serrated knife to cut through the thick ribs of the larger redfish. For cleaning redfish on the half shell, there isn’t a better knife I have experienced that can do the job as fast or as smooth as that Bubba Blade. When it came to smaller redfish and largemouth bass, the regular 7” or 9” blade made short work of the fish. There are few moments I have enjoyed the dirty job of cleaning fish as much as my first experiences using a Bubba Blade.

I left that event with a new 9” Tapered Flex Bubba Blade and took it to my next Cross Water fishing event. This knife proved so easy to clean with, I didn’t even need to plug in my electric knife at all! The blade stays sharp so the filleting process is smooth and darn near effortless. The handle is built for wet and sometimes slimy hands. The wetter it gets, the better grip you have. This line of knives is also built for harsh saltwater environments, which means you have little worry about rust or corrosion if they are properly taken care of, as with any good knife. That all being said, I have had yet to sharpen this blade and I have cleaned close to a hundred fish with it. One Texas saltwater guide I know from this past fishing ministry event said that he has cleaned hundreds of fish using a Bubba Blade over the past two years and has yet to sharpen it! Now that’s my kind of tool!

This knife is very comfortable and easy to cut with for hours. I take it with me everywhere I travel. I even carved up the Christmas pork lion with it this past holiday season. The Bubba Blade is flexible but not flimsy as many fillet knives I have owned are and  you can use it for a whole host of cutting chores aside from cutting fish. The sheath this knife comes with is just as durable as the knife and was built with the same longevity in mind. I even ordered some of the 7” versions for a wild game meat processor I work with as they work wonderful for cutting meat. I highly recommend this knife as a go-to knife for your outdoor pursuits and it passes my personal standards of quality, value and long term endurance. Check out Bubba Blade’s line of products at www.BubbaBlade.com.

Story by Dustin Vaughn Warncke

TF&G Staff: