M6 Folding Survival Rifle – .22LR and .410!

The Springfield M6 Scout Survival rifle is the most unique firearm in my posession.  Its inexpensive stamped steel design bears witness of its military heritage.  The original M6 rifle was slightly different when issued to the Air Force from the 1950’s-1970’s.

Springfield’s M6 Scout Survival Rifle

Springfield imported this civilian version out of the Czech Republic beginning in the 70’s until the late 90’s.  It differs from the original version by having a 18.5″ version instead of the military issue 14″ as well as adding the trigger guard and takedown pin.

The most unique feature of the M6 is the squeeze bar trigger.  It’s a somewhat heavy and squishy press that drops the hammer.  I usually shoot it with both my middle and index fingers.  You are able to fire the .22LR barrel by pulling the knob above the hammer up, then smashing it to the lower position would fire the .410 barrel.  Carefully selecting the center position allows you to lock it into safety between both firing pins.

The M6’s hammer with .22LR/Safe/.410 selections

The rear sight leaf has a peep hole for .22LR use and a notch for .410.  I have probably shot 100x more .22LR through it than .410. The buttstock holds 15 rounds of .22LR and 4 .410 shells.  I always kept a slug in there for large game as well.

The M6’s stock stows ammunition.

Some M6 versions were .22WM or .22 Hornet.  There were even .45 Colt barrels that would also shoot .410, but of course that would spread the shot beyond usefulness.

M6 taken down on its storage bag.

I fired many bricks of .22LR through this in my teens.  I had even mounted an optic on it at one time.  My favorite target back in the day was moth balls and this was more than capable of breaking its share.

The M6 stows away nicely.

I don’t remember the actual price paid in the late 90’s, but I believe you could pick up an M6 for under $200 back then.  Now they tend to go for $400-900 depends on the model.  It’s a unique firearm that I like packing away for a rainy day.