SHOT Show 2018 Range Day: Walther PPQ M4

Texas Fish & Game’s Dustin Ellermann test fires PPQ M4 from Walther at the SHOT Show Range Day.

Texas Fish & Game’s Tactical Editor Dustin Ellerman is at the SHOT Show industry range day and he stopped by the Walther booth first, because they keep improving on their exceptional line of produces. This is the PPQ m4, here. So, we have a red dot mounted sight and a threaded barrel and I’ve always said Walthers are really kind of underrated in the firearms community. They’re a great stock pistol. Excellent trigger and a very short reset. We’re going to load up with it and just see what we can put downrange. Nice. If you haven’t tried the Walther trigger, you really need to. Focus on how short that reset is because you’ll be very impressed moving from a stock Glock or anything else, it’s it’s a world of difference.


Roy Neves: