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A Southern Flounder With Golden Spots And One Brown On Both Sides

Southern Flounder Oddity

Ever caught a southern flounder that has golden spots.

Chris Dial did just that during the early days of my Flounder Revolution project. And it was not the only one we came across that had this unusual coloration. Check out Chris’ amazing catch.

A flounder with golden spots? Crazy, huh? 

What about a double brown flatfish?

The typical specimen is brown on the top and white on the bottom but this one caught by Lake Calasieu guide Capt. Kevin Broussard is brown on both sides. Ross Bass caught a double brown-sided southern flounder and we have had reports from numerous other anglers along the coast of unusual flounder catches over the last couple of years.

Capt. Kevin Broussard with a double brown flounder.












Ross Bass demonstrates his odd double brown flounder catch.













This flounder is not a freak but it has a freaky wound. Gene Brown fought a shark to get this 24-incher. Look at the teeth marks!

Gigantic Flounder

One of the coolest moments of my career as a wildlife journalist was getting to encounter a flounder bigger than the long-standing state record.

The state record of 13 pound was caught by Herbert Endicott of Groves in Sabine Lake in 1976. That’s 40 years of a standing record but I believe it will be beaten now that the regulations of the last 10 years give more big flounder a chance to spawn.

The author with the 13-plus pound hatchery monster.

In 2009, I got to hold a 13-pound, 11-ounce flounder that was housed at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute the same year the new regs started. That fish was caught when it was in the nine pound class and it was kept in captivity as a brood fish for a couple of more years until its death. That fish had a chance to live and shows that the very coding it takes to allow for the growth of mega flounder is out there.

If you have caught a double brown flounder, an albino, white, piebald or simply a giant email cmoore@fishgame.com. We would love to share them with others.

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Chester Moore, Jr.

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