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What Happens if You Eat GULP!?

Yes, we know the packaging on GULP! Clearly states “not for human consumption,” but we also know that the fish really seem to enjoy eating it. And that makes us quite curious. What gives? Does Shrimp-flavored GULP! really taste like shrimp? Do the Crab flavors really taste like crab? There is only one way to find out.

Just what does GULP! taste like? This guy wouldn’t talk, so we tried it for ourselves.

Yes, FishGame reader, if nothing else please know that we here at Texas Fish & Game are truly dedicated to going to extra mile. And so with a large water bottle stationed next to the table, I ripped open a bag of GULP! shrimp and started chewing.

A few things struck me from the moment the juices hit my tongue. GULP! is sort of tart, and makes your mouth water right off the bat (though we wonder if that’s an instinctive defense-mechanism). It doesn’t taste exactly like shrimp, but does have a whiff of a shrimp-like flavor to it. Finding a good comparison is tough, but if forced into a corner, I’d say squeeze a lime over a peeled raw shrimp, add a dash of black licorice, and sprinkle a tiny bit of salt overtop. Then lick it, and you’ll have some idea of what this stuff tastes like.

It’s also quite oily, and after coating the inside of your mouth, seems to sort of stay there – no matter how much water you drink. This stuff doesn’t simply wash away, which may explain in part why it’s so effective. After having this GULP! “stuck” in my mouth despite several attempts at rinsing, there’s no doubt in my mind that a few casts will not be enough to erase the residual taste.

It took a full-on tooth-brushing, before I could try the Jerk Shad flavor.

Surprisingly, the Shad flavor and the Crab flavor really don’t seem all that different from the Shrimp. Just imaging that instead of licking the juice-licorice-salt mix off of a shrimp, you’re licking it off of a fish or a crab. Like the shrimp, however, try it for real and you’ll find that the taste will linger for quite some time and know that water simply won’t help much when it comes to clearing your palette. On second thought, maybe you shouldn’t try it for real. After all, that package does say “not for human consumption…”

Lenny Rudow: