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Longer Deer Season Shot Down, Air Guns Made Legal For Game Animals

Deer Season

Officials with Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) Commission shot down a proposal to expand deer season dates in 222 Texas counties.

The proposal was to standardize the general deer season statewide to open the first Saturday in November and end on the third Sunday in January. Additionally, staff proposed to open the special late season, muzzleloader deer season, and the late youth deer season on the first Monday following the third Sunday in January for 14 consecutive days.

According to a report by Steve Knight primary opposition came from quail hunters in the Rolling Plains.

More than 2,200 hunters across the state commented prior to Thursday’s commission meeting, with more than 90 percent supporting the change that would have had the season open the first Saturday in November and run through the third Sunday in January.

According to sources TPWD Commissioners did vote to allow the take of alligators, game animals, non-migratory game birds and furbearers with air guns and air bows.

The proposal  specified that the take of alligators, deer, pronghorn, big horn sheep, javelina, and turkey will be restricted to air guns .30 caliber or larger.

Under the proposal alligators in non-core counted may be taken with air bows. In all counties alligators caught on a taking device may be dispatched with air guns. Air guns propelling a .177 caliber projectile or larger may be used to take squirrel, quail, pheasants and chachalaca.

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