Q’s Half Nelson .30 Suppressor

Q’s Supressors are getting quite a bit of attention lately and for all the right reasons.  They are quiet, durable, solid, and even lightweight.  The Half Nelson seems to be one of the most popular centerfire suppressors they offer.

Half Nelson .30 Caliber suppressor

The Half Nelson is the shorter version (by 2″) of the Full Nelson.  But it’s still plenty quiet, as well as being lighter.  It’s a direct thread .30 caliber suppressor optimized for taper mount barrels, however it still works fine with a traditional threaded shoulder.  It’s completely titanium weighing in at only 12 ounces.  While some suppressors have just a few baffles, the Half Nelson has 9 thin walled yet very aggressive angled baffles:

Cutaway of the Half Nelson

As with most centerfire suppressors, it is self cleaning with no need to disassemble it.  It is one solid welded piece designed to serve the shooter years to come.  It is full auto rated for 7.62mm NATO, .300BLK, .308 and even .300WM.  Of course the main question is “how does it sound”. So here is a video detailing that and much more:


Being that the Half Nelson was plenty quiet for my use metering at 140db, it makes me wonder how quiet the Full Nelson would be.

All of Q’s centerfire suppressors also have wrench/socket flats on both ends to aid in tightening and removing the suppressors:

3/4″ Wrench Flats

5/8″ Wrench Flats

If you prefer quick attach suppressors, Q offers the Nelsons under the Thunder Chicken and Trash Panda names with taper QD mounts.  But like a friend of mine reminded me this past week – once you outfit all your rifles with QD mounts it’s easy to spend more than the suppressor on accessories so choose wisely.

Q Centerfire Suppressor Offerings

And finally, Q has garnished a good bit of attention and fandom with their unique packaging:

Q’s Packaging

The Half Nelson suppressor retails for $849 but my Silencer Shop price showed it even lower:  https://www.silencershop.com/q-half-nelson.html

And find out more about Q’s suppressors and rifle line here: https://liveqordie.com


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