Sunglasses for Fishing


Sunglasses for Fishing—Protective and Productive

If you forget anything else when you go fishing, don’t forget your sunglasses.

Sunglasses provide protection from the sun’s harsh UV rays. They also protect you when you’re running down the lake, getting hit in the eye by bugs, or while you’re fishing you could jerk a bait out of a bush or something like that, come back and hit you in the eye and put your eye out, just like that.

So always wear your sunshades for protection, folks.

Fishing Productivity

Sunglasses can also be a huge help while you’re fishing. Because, they enable you to see things under the water that you normally can’t see with the naked eye. Things like stumps, logs, bushes, and stuff like that where bass like to set up camp and ambush prey.

Sight-fishermen swear by sunglasses in the springtime, mainly because they enable them to see spawning beds from a considerable distance. Sneak up on those fish before they see them.

Sunglasses come in a variety of different brands and styles. A good rule of thumb is to buy the very best ones you can afford.

There are all kinds of different lenses out there. Another good rule of thumb: stick with smoke or mirrored lenses on bright sunny days, and go with something like a brown or amber on overcast days—it’s really brighten things up for you out there.

Wear your sunglasse. You will see more fish and you will also catch more fish. And, you’ll also stay more protected out there.

Matt Williams is Freshwater Fishing Editor for Texas Fish & Game. He is also a professional tournament bass angler. Read more of his insightful and informative articles here and in just about every issue of the print version of Texas Fish & Game magazine.

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