COASTAL FOCUS: Baffin Bay – April

A Magic Combination on Baffin Bay

T HERE’S ON BIG REASON that the April guide’s calendars at BBR&G fill up first. Historically, it’s the month that will produce the heaviest trophy trout caught all year on Baffin Bay.

Trout, after surviving the winter and conserving their body movement and energy are heavy. Then, Mother Nature, with an ever so gradual rise in water temperatures, tells these big girls to get ready to spawn. They just keep eating, and much more voraciously than during the cold weather of the winter.

The crescendo of the right water temperatures, moderate weather, the new moon phase and Mother Nature’s prompting, happens in late April. The result is the undeniable urge for trout to spawn.

One thing learned over the years, 90% percent of these gigantic spotted sea trout are feeding and spawning in shallow water. Knee deep or so, is the best place to look—along shorelines with sand pockets, grass lines and most importantly, bait.

Big(ger) mullet is the food of choice for these hungry girls, in the “right size” of 4 to 12 inches. A trout can eat 2/3rd of its body length, so, keep this in mind. Many a trout has been caught with a “big” mullet tail hanging out of its mouth.

Throw that big top water up on the bank, drag it down into the “zone” and let it hang there for a minute. Then, commence a stop-and-go retrieval. Irritating the spawning Big Mama will result in a heart-stopping crash and a nerve-wracking hook-up of one big ol’ trophy!

You must keep your cool as there is only one way to land a fish of a life-time—slowly, and considering the power on the other end of the line. 

Everyone knows it is all about the picture, so the pressure to land a big fish is undeniable. Do almost anything but DO NOT GRAB THE LINE!

This is the biggest mistake trophy trout anglers make. Slowly let that big trout circle around, keep pressure and land it when the time is right with a boga grip or a good net.

Now let the celebration begin! 

Next, after catching all of the big girls you can, head shallow—really shallow when the sun gets right. Now, start stalking for big reds, black drum, an occasional big trout and flounder.

This is the magic combination for the month of April. Early mornings target trophy trout, and put a few on your stringer to eat. Then, stalk shallow and sight cast for all of the other fish in the bay.

Use a conventional rod and lures such as Saltwater Assassin four-inch Sea Shad paddle tails on our Black’s Magic 1/32oz jig heads, or twist on a four-inch Chartreuse Gulp Swimming Mullet. 

More and more anglers are bringing a fly rod along for just this occasion as well. Since the Orvis Company has endorsed Baffin Bay Rod and Gun as a fly fishing lodge, Baffin has become more recognized for this sport, which is a lot more like hunting than fishing.

Walking along shorelines with structure such as mixed sand and grass, grass lines, sand bars near drop offs and big sand flats is good exercise. It will result in a cathartic spot and stalk adventure, which is great whether you catch fish or not! 

Fly casting for trophy trout is a new adventure for the lodge. Blind casting with sinking tip line and bigger flies in the zones known to house these big girls has been really productive.

What’s the difference between tossing a four-inch fly into a big trout pothole with a fly rod, or conventionally prospecting that same area with a four-inch Saltwater Assassin Sea Shad?

The fly presentation is a little more natural, a little slower and can be recast many times while a conventional fisherman is reeling up the line. Hard core fly fisherman travel all over the world to blind cast for trophy fish, WHY NOT BAFFIN?

It’s worked, and it’s an unbelievably new way to look at an old quest. Come give this new game a try. Remember, it’s all about that picture.

See you soon to experience the awesome opportunities available to fishermen and hunters at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun. We offer awesome fun for family groups, corporate groups or some serious trophy hunters.

Our lodge sleeps 20, and we have a beautiful pool and lots of privacy, with a fantastic staff and a five-star chef. Please give our booking manager, Marcie, a call at (361) 720-9394 to book your trip today.

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