PCP (Airgun) Shotgun!?!

PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatic) airguns have become top notch in the past decade on par with even some low-caliber rifles.  Big bore PCP rifles even fire firearm bullets such as a 9mm and even up to .50 caliber.  This PCP Wing Shot by Air Venturi is proof of the increasing technology.

Exhibition shotgun shooters Gould Brothers recently took the Wing Shot for a spin displaying some of their skills.  The Wing Shot is far from as powerful as a powder powered shotgun, but it’s still neat to see what you can do with 3,000 PSI of air pressure.

And if you are thinking “How much?” the Wing Shot starts at $599 for just the airgun, and $1,059 for the kit including a refill tank.  The shotshells come in either #6 or #8 for a little under $0.50 a pop.

Air Venturi Shotshells

Personally I see this as more of a novelty and a fun gun to try, but without much reasonable application.  I suppose it could be useable for legal reasons if technical firearms were not allowed.  And many states such as Texas are actually introducing legislation to allow game hunting with modern airguns.  But since they tend to lack much power I don’t see PCP overtaking the firearms market anytime soon?  Disagree?  Please tell me your thoughts below.

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