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Arctic Ice For Everyday Use

As outdoors enthusiasts, many of us depend on bags of cubed ice for our hunting, fishing and camping adventures. It’s a necessity to keep beer, soda, food and other things we have to keep at refrigerated temperatures, sometimes long term too. Ice is relatively inexpensive by the bag or even in bulk but just think how much money you spend on it in a given year at your favorite grocery store, convenience stop or dedicate ice dispensary. It adds up pretty quickly, doesn’t it? Ice is also rather messy as it melts which can leave the chores after the trip a daunting task. I, for one, do not like a big mess to clean up after a long weekend on the water or in the woods. That is why I use Arctic Ice.

Enter Artic Ice’s series of products, which come in four different sizes for three different uses. With these products, you may never have to buy regular ice in a bag or in bulk again. These ice packs are durable, easy to use, designed for maximum coverage in your cooler either replacing ice or supplementing it so your ice lasts longer. In my outdoor adventures, I have found that it conveniently replaces ice both effectively and efficiently.  Simply refreeze these ice packs flat and they will be good to go on your next adventure.


So what about everyday use?  Small to medium size Alaskan or Chillin’ Brew series ice packs fit great into softside coolers or insulated lunch bags meaning you don’t have to deal with the watery mess of melted ice at the end of the workday. This is great for road warriors and folks that pack their lunch into the office. Work in a rugged setting like construction or landscaping? These ice packs have a lifetime warranty and are up to the challenge of your day, keeping your lunch or dinner cold and your drinks chilled. Bringing ice cream to your kid’s school party but don’t want it to be ice cream soup after encountering the Texas heat? Try packing it in with a Tundra series ice pack. Trying to make it home from the grocery store without your frozen goods cooking in the heat? Here’s another good use for the Tundra, which is designed to keep things frozen.

Anyone who uses ice for purposes like these and many more can save time, money and general hassle with Arctic Ice products. How can one ice pack be so tough to be frozen and refrozen so many times over and over again? Arctic Ice packs were built with the hardcore outdoorsman in mind as well as with everyday use as a consideration and will last year after year of use for work or play.

Ever think of the notion of not buying ice again? Most of us haven’t before but that is a reality in using this series of products. For whatever use you previously had for ice, consider replacing in with equal weighted amounts of Arctic Ice packs. The way these are designed are to take up as little room as possible and provide as much area for contacting your cold goods. That is way more efficient that freezing gallon or quart size milk jugs or water bottles and it is also much cleaner in the long run as well. An investment into these Arctic Ice packs will save you many trips to buy ice as well as countless dollars you would spend on it. Learn more at www.Arctic-Ice.com.

Dustin Vaughn Warncke

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