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Arctic Ice: With Or Without Ice?

Arctic Ice, With or Without Ice

I have used Arctic Ice products for the past few months and experienced some fantastic results and saving money on buying ice at the corner store and keeping things cold in the spring and summer Texas heat.  I have used these products both as a supplement and replacement  with success.  I common question I have been asked is, “What happens when you add Arctic Ice packs to the real thing?” This article will answer that.

If you are going on a weekend hunting excursion to deer camp or a week long outdoor adventure in the great beyond, you need to count on your gear to perform for you every time. Adding the Tundra series to your cooler before you add regular ice is a great strategy for longevity. Since the Tundra has a freeze point of only five degrees, you can count on it refreezing the ice you mix with it into a big solid block that should last for a considerably long time.

Arctic Ice can be used as ice by itself.

Alternatively, consider using these packs in place of regular ice, with the same weight consideration. The advantage of these packs is they store flat and they aren’t bulky and awkward to have in your cooler and they store very easily when not in use in an upright or chest freezer. This is much more efficient and far less messy than frozen milk quarts in the long run. Think about it! No more mess to clean out at the end of your adventures. These packs are also easy to clean and reuse time and time again and they even come with a lifetime warranty.

One thing I have learned when packing and travelling with a cooler, especially an extreme cooler as many of us own today, is that the tighter you can pack a cooler with cold stuff, the longer your regular ice and Arctic Ice will remain chilled and cooling your contents. Air and empty space are the main enemies to watch out for in your journey to keeping things cooler longer.

Or, it can be used to reinforce ice.

Using any of the three main packs in the line up can make your ice last up to 50 percent longer and that is vitally important on long hauls where a trip to the store for more regular ice just simply isn’t a possibility. Keep in mind that if you elevate your cooler off of the ground, truck bed, or other surface it will keep colder longer simply due to the lack of direct heat transfer from a warm or hot surface to the cooler. Consider propping up the corners of the cooler to get it higher and off the hot surface. Another good idea is to obviously keep your cooler in a shaded area, although sometimes that is just not possible. If it isn’t, you can always top your cooler with wet towels which provide an evaporative effect and will keep your cooler colder longer and help keep the heat transfer off of your cold goods.

However you roll in the great outdoors, I hope these tips on keeping your cooler colder longer have helped. An investment in some these packs can save you time, money, hassles and messes in all of your endeavors.  Learn more at www.Arctic-Ice.com.

—Dustin Vaughn Warncke

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