Pistol Compensator Explosion!

Souped up handguns like the Roland special have become very popular.  I totally get why as well, it’s like an “open class” pistol for defensive carry.  I have a similar build from ATEi with my M&P 9mm that lets me easily hit 6″ targets from 50 yards with 100% accuracy. 

Well with all those modifications it leaves the door wide open for Murphy to pay a visit.  3-Gun Calgary recently posted a very impressive fail on video when a spent casing jumped into the large port of the Toni Systems Compensator:

Many firearms social justice warriors were quick to condemn the compensator manufacture for such an “obvious” oversight and design flaw.  I suppose everyone who has a compensator is quick to see if a spent casing will fit inside their ports now.

Toni Systems Compensator after a ejected 9mm casing landed inside the main port.

Personally – I’m just impressed that it happened and glad that it was caught on video.  And now I totally want to compensate a pistol too.