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So What Is Arctic Ice?

As a lifelong outdoorsman, I love products that can save time, save space and, most of all, save money. Arctic Ice does all three of these things quite well. I discovered Arctic Ice last November on a fishing trip in Delacroix, Louisiana. We had Chillin’ Brew ice packs keeping our drinks and other stuff cold in our guide’s coolers during our time on and off the water. There are three basic classes of Arctic Ice: Alaskan, Chillin’ Brew and Tundra. All three of these varieties serves a different purpose. Their slogan is, “No Hassle, No Mess, Colder Than The Rest.”

I have found this to be very true, especially in the brutal Texas heat where there is no mercy for regular ice, no matter how it’s stored. The one thing that has stayed with me since I have started using this product is the fact that I don’t have to deal with a watery mess at the end of my outdoor adventures. Ice replacement technology like this is cleaner, colder and much more efficient than using just regular ice and this product pays for itself in what you save in ice expenditures in just a few trips.

Here is an explanation of each part of this multi-sized and multi-use family of ice replacement packs:

Chillin’ Brew Series:This part of the ice pack series is designed for keeping things cold and it serves that purpose better than just about any other ice replacement solution I have tried. While it was first designed to keep beer cold, Chillin’ Brew serves a wide array of duties and is available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes to accommodate virtually any cooler size imaginable and any combination of drinks, food or other perishable items. With a freezing point of 28 degrees, Chillin’ Brew panels keep everything they encounter as cold as possible. On fishing trips, I usually pack these in both the bottom and top of my softside or extreme cooler for the best results.

Chillin’ Cradle:Based off of the same technology as the Chillin’ Brew, the Chillin’ Cradle is specially molded to hold drinks in the form of cans or bottles and it is both more effective and efficient than using regular ice as it gives maximum surface area to the drinks they securely hold. With the same 28 degree freezing point, your drinks have never been colder or easier to access on a hot summer day. Order these as a set with end caps to fit your cooler and enjoy your outdoor adventures even longer that before.

Alaskan Series:With a freezing point of 33.8 degrees, this ice pack series keeps food cold but not to the point of freezing. The Alaskan series comes in four sizes as well: small, medium, large and extra-large and this series is a perfect solution for camping trips or any kind of hunting and fishing adventures where you don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of ice and are wanting to your perishables cold, relatively dry and ready to consume that day or in the coming days.

Tundra Series:As the name implies, the Tundra series keeps things frozen very well and this includes regular ice. If you are transporting any kind of frozen goods, including fish or meat, on your latest outdoor adventure, the Tundra ice packs will serve you well. With a unique freezing temperature of only 5 degrees, the Tundra series can be a great replacement if you are considering dry ice for trip. It may not be as cold as dry ice but it will do well to keep everything at freezer-like temperatures for many hours. These also come in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large.

Think of the uses for camping, the fishing lodge or your favorite hunting headquarters. Most of us buy extreme style ice chests in an effort to keep ice longer. If you use any of these ice packs as part of your ice stash, you can be assured to keep ice for up to 50% longer than without them. This is a fantastic solution for extended trips to the backwoods, offshore fishing trips and the list goes on.

Of course you are going to deal with some condensation with these products but no longer do you have to have a big soupy mess with regular ice alone to clean out of your cooler after your adventure. This is the best part of the coldness ice provides without all the hassle and cost over time. Now some of you may have other ice replacement solutions like frozen water bottle or milk jugs. The issue with these is that they do not lay flat and take up more space than the Arctic Ice packs and they can be just as messy as ice if they leak. As you can see, Arctic Ice packs are flat and wide, resulting in more surface area than many other ice replacement solutions and they are rugged enough to be backed by a limited lifetime guarantee. Learn more at www.Arctic-Ice.com.

Dustin Vaughn Warncke

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