SCI Engages Media to Save Hunting

SAFARI CLUB INTERNATIONAL is taking the message of hunting to the mainstream media and beyond as part of a new communications effort to let the world know how hunting helps assure a bright future for wildlife around the world.

This new and bold step into the limelight already is paying dividends as SCI has delivered the hunters’ messaging to tens of millions of viewers and readers who otherwise would hear only the rants and lies of the anti-hunters.

“We’re going head-on in the media with a simple, but powerful message,” said SCI President Paul Babaz. “We’re telling the world about all of the good things hunters do and that we’re proud of who we are and what we do.”

SCI President Paul Babaz

Since SCI began its new approach to communications, SCI President Babaz, CEO Rick Parsons and others have participated in interviews with most of the major television networks, major newspapers and radio outlets. That is a combined audience that is larger and more diverse than pro-hunting interests have reached historically and is growing all the time. At the same time, SCI is engaging media within the shooting sports industry so that fellow hunters and shooters can be aware that someone is there, standing up for what is right.

“SCI decided that hunters need to respond every time we are attacked anywhere in the world,” Babaz explained. “So, when we become aware of lies being spread by the antis, we jump right in and try to set the record straight.”

Not all interviews are friendly, and rarely does a major media outlet openly endorse hunting or SCI. But to SCI, success happens one step at a time, and the first step is just to get the word about hunting out there in the greater social conversation. SCI is winning at that.

“We know that not everyone is a hunter and we know that not everyone likes hunting,” Babaz explained. “We can respect other points of view and insist that our point of view deserves equal respect – although the antis seem incapable of respecting themselves, let alone others.”

Although SCI engages the media across the board, the most effective scenarios are when SCI leaders and representatives are interviewed one-on-one in print or on the air. SCI understands that it is unlikely to change the minds of anti-hunters. Rather, SCI is accessing mass audiences of viewers, readers and listeners who can make up their own minds about hunting once they learn the facts.

“It is amazing how the dialogue changes when the media folks realize that we hunters are human and that the good things we do around the world help both animals and fellow humans.” Babaz noted. “Being a hunter is being human because humans have been hunters since the beginning of time. Once we are able to discuss issues that way, we are able to show the viewers, readers and listeners that there is another side to the story, and that it is something they want and need to know.”

Just in the past few months, SCI has engaged in media coverage of items ranging from grizzly bears in British Columbia to lions and elephants in Africa.

“SCI is positioned uniquely to be able to speak credibly to wildlife and hunting issues worldwide,” Babaz stressed. “If there is an attack on hunting, we’re there to fight the good fight and to let the world know that hunters are the solution and not the problem.”

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HSM Ammunition Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Fifty years of hard work, grit, determination, and achievement.

The year was 1968 when Bill and Catherine Campbell decided to start up ammunition manufacturing in a tiny town in Montana.  The company would eventually be known as HSM Ammunition.  Initial sales were to the law enforcement community.  By word of mouth alone, the company’s reputation rapidly began to grow.  Larger departments came on board, commercial sales began, and business was booming for the little company that could.

As the decades passed, more calibers were added and soon HSM had expanded into the full realm of the shooting sports experience.  Partnerships were formed with renowned components manufacturers such as Sierra and Berger.  Recent years have seen HSM become one of the true innovators within the industry.  Low Recoil, Bear Load, Trophy Gold, Game King, and Pro Pistol Hunter cartridges are excellent exemplars of this fact.

Over these past 50 years, HSM has earned a well-deserved stellar reputation with hunters, law enforcement, military, and recreational shooters world-wide.  With an ever-present passion for accuracy, today HSM is manufacturing superlative cartridges for virtually every caliber of semi-auto pistols, revolvers, and rifles.  As Johnny Carson would say on “The Tonight Show” back in 1968, there’s “More to come!”

For additional information on all the innovative cartridges produced by HSM Ammunition, visit www.HSMammunition.com.


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