Vapor Trail Outdoors Display Headlamp Flashlight Texas Tested Review

People who do not know me might think that I collect flashlights for a hobby. Over the many years I have hunted, I have tried just about every flashlight on the market. Some have been good and some not so good, but I can finally say that I have found the mother of all flashlights!

Vapor Trail Outdoors has introduced a very powerful flashlight with the outdoor person in mind. The one I tried is called the Display and it is the perfect name for such a bright light. I tested it to see how far the beam would shine and I was amazed to see how far and clear the super bright light was!

Let me tell you about some of the outstanding features that this light package includes.

The first thing I noticed was the LED display that showed in real time how much battery power remains. Right away I was impressed! Has it ever happened to you that as you are using a light when all of a sudden it goes out because the battery is depleted? Not with this unit. This battery last an unbelievable 20 hours of continuous use before it needs a charge. There is also a switch that will lower the beam a bit if you choose.

This package also has a 110 volt charger for when you are at home and also a 12 volt battery charger for your vehicle. That is another great feature! This will allow you to keep a strong charge on the battery as you head to your favorite hunting spot.

It also comes with a comfortable headband to keep the hands-free light on the blood trail or as you walk to your tree stand. If that is not enough, they also include different color lenses that easily fit over the super bright light. I tried the green one because I know that will not scare off the game as I walk to my stand. Perfect!

Vapor Trail Outdoors also has a slightly smaller version of this flashlight that is almost as bright as the larger one and with all the same features.  Both flashlights are extremely light weight and easy to carry in your hand if you prefer. And both also are equipped with the newer T6 LED technology for the super bright light it produces.

This flashlight really is a must for any outdoor person… something to remember for that Christmas or birthday list!

For more information, visit www.vaportrailoutdoors.com.

Story by Lou Marullo


TF&G Staff:
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